Research Workshop Spring 1999
Wednesdays, 4-5:30pm
704 Commonwealth Avenue, 5th Floor Seminar Room
Date Speaker and Topic
1/13Lawrence Blum (Philosophy, U. Mass, Boston), "Hostility to Immigrants, Ethnic Prejudice, Cultural Arrogance: Forms of Racism?"
1/20Lawrence Bobo (Sociology, Harvard), “Race, Class & Whites’ Stereotypes of Blacks: A Survey-Based Experiment"
1/27Lawrence Mead (Political Science, NYU), “The Politics of Disadvantage"
2/3Phillip Levine (Economics, Wellesley College), “Discrimination in the Small Business Credit Market"
2/10Ravi Kanbur (Economics, Cornell), “Groups, Distribution, and Policy Reform"
2/17Lucius Outlaw (Philosophy, Haverford College), “On Race and Philosophy"
2/24Bradford Cornell (Finance UCLA) “Social Decoding and Ethnic Discrimination"
3/3Anthony Appiah (Philosophy and Afro-American Studies, Harvard), “Race and Individuality"
3/17Ajume Wingo (IRSD Fellow) “African Liberal Democracies: Why Civil Society Matters"
3/24Mark Kleiman (Public Policy, UCLA), “Getting Deterrence Right: Punishment and Crime Control"
3/31Wilson Moses (History, Penn State), “DuBois and Democratic Liberalism"
4/7Timur Kuran (Economics, USC), “Islam and Economic Development"
4/14Peter Skerry (Political Science, Claremont McKenna College/Brookings Institution) "Minority Interests & the Census"
4/21Michael Jones-Correa (Political Science, Harvard/Russell Sage) “Persistence and Change in American Cities"
4/28Steven Teles (IRSD Fellow and Political Science, BU) and Melissa Buis (Political Science, Brandeis), "Welfare Post-Reform: States as Regimes"
5/5Randall Kennedy (Harvard Law School), "The Racial Regulation of Intimacy"