Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Dates: March 5-6, 2002

Workshop Organizer: Administrator:
James Jackson Kimberly Paci
IRAFA Meeting Summary:

   A two-day workshop to explore the scientific potential and technical feasibility for deploying a new, two meter infrared telescope in Antarctica.

   To learn more about the project, take a look at the AIRO poster presented at the 199th meeting of the American Astronomical Society in January 2002 at Washington D.C.

 Some of the talks are now online.

Local Organizing Committee: Scientific Organizing Committee (BU):
  • J.M. Jackson
  • T.M. Bania
  • Eric Tollestrup
  • James Jackson (BU)
  • Eric Tollestrup (BU)
  • Thomas Bania (BU)
  • Attilio Ferrari (Torino)
  • John Storey (UNSW)
  • Joel Kastner (RIT)
Confirmed Speakers: Particulars:
  • Maurizio Busso (Peruggia-Torino)
  • Adam Burgasser (UCLA)
  • Maurizio Candidi (CNR)
  • Attilio Ferrari (Torino)
  • Thomas Geballe (Gemini)
  • Ian Glass (SAAO)
  • Al Harper (Yerkes)
  • James Jackson (Boston University)
  • Christine Joblin (CESR)
  • Michael Jura (UCLA)
  • Joel Kastner (RIT)
  • David Koerner (Penn)
  • Charles Lada (CfA)
  • James Lloyd (UC Berkeley)
  • Paolo Persi (IAS Rome)
  • Jill Rathborne (UNSW)
  • Sara Seager (Princeton)
  • John Storey (UNSW)
  • Xander Tielens (Groningen)
  • Tony Travouillon (UNSW)



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