MA in International Relations & Environmental Policy

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The management of natural resources and the resolution of environmental conflicts are increasingly important factors in determining the course of international relations. Competition for natural resources and efforts to control that competition are shaped largely by the geographical distribution of resources and by those who consume them. Environmental problems cross borders. The International Relations & Environmental Policy (IREP) joint degree program offers students a dynamic opportunity to explore the intersection of international affairs and environmental issues through combined study in international relations and environmental science.

Students divide their coursework between the Department of International Relations and the Center for Energy and Environmental Studies (CEES). The program typically takes three to four semesters to complete. Three semesters are required to complete the necessary coursework. While it is possible to complete the program in three semesters, many students choose to spend an additional fourth semester at the university completing their MA Paper.

Students admitted by the IR department are admitted to the joint IREP program.  Applications rejected by the IR Department will be evaluated by CEES for possible admission to the regular environmental policy MA.  These decisions are based on one complete application to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

Requirements of the Program

Students are required to complete all IR core requirements, including the General Core Course, Foreign Language, Statistics and MA Paper requirements. Students take two IR electives as well. The CEES portion of the degree also requires three core courses and two electives. There is one required joint core course and one free elective, which may be chosen from approved IR or CEES elective courses. Students complete a total of 12 classes (48 credits). To see a progress report for IREP students, go to the forms page.

Joint Core Course Requirement

CAS IR/GE 594 Global Environmental Negotiation and Policy

CEES Core Course Requirement

Students are required to take one course from three of the following four groups:

Group A

  • CAS GE 505 Geographic Information Systems
  • CAS GE 516 Multivariate Analysis for for Geographers
  • GRS GE 712 Regional Energy Modeling
  • GRS MA 684 Applied Multiple Regression and Multivariable Methods

Group B

  • CAS GE 510 Physical Principles of the Environment

Group C

  • CAS GE 519 Energy, Society, and the Environment

Group D

  • GRS GE 625 U.S. Environmental Planning
  • GRS GE 660 Resource Economics

CEES Elective Courses

Students complete two approved elective courses from the CEES graduate level offerings for a total of eight CEES elective credits. For a list of these courses, see the CEES course inventory.

IR Elective Courses

Students complete two IR electives for a total of 8 IR elective credits. All graduate level IR course offerings are eligible to fulfill this requirement, in addition to offerings from other departments which have been pre-approved. See the Core Requirements page for more information.

Free Elective – IR or CEES

Students select a fifth elective course which may be taken with either IR or CEES.