Latin America Faculty

Picture of Botafogo BaySusan Eva Eckstein (PhD, Columbia University) Urbanization, Immigration, Poverty, Rights and Injustices, Political Economy of Developing Countries, and Social Movements in Third World Countries.

Kevin P. Gallagher (BA, Northeastern University; MA, PhD, Tufts University) Economic Development, Trade and Investment Policy, International Environmental Policy, Latin America.

Paul Webster Hare (BA, Oxford University; JD, College of Law in London) Latin American Foreign Policy, Diplomacy, Latin American Studies.

Ann Helwege; (BA, Phd, State University of New York Buffalo) Environmental Policy, Latin America, Development Economics.

Renata Keller (BA, Arizona State University; MA, PhD, University of Texas) Latin American History; Inter-American Relations; Mexican Domestic and International Politics; U.S. Relations with Latin America.

Strom C. Thacker (BA, Pomona College; MA, PhD, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill) International and Comparative Political Economy, Governance, Development; Latin American Studies; Mexican Political Economy and Politics.