The Institute for Philosophy & Religion gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Department of Philosophy, the School of Theology, the College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences at Boston University, and the Boston University Center for the Humanities, as well as other philanthropic foundations and individual contributors. Among the ways individuals have made and continue to make contributions to the institute are the Leroy Rouner Memorial Fund, a special lecture series in honor of the institute’s longtime director, Leroy Rouner; and the Boston Personalism Initiative, another ongoing special lecture series which reflects the important legacy of Boston Personalism at Boston University and the particular contributions of Personalists such as Borden Parker Bowne, Edgar Brightman, Peter Bertocci, and Thomas Buford. Contributions to either fund can be made c/o Boston University Institute for Philosophy & Religion, 745 Commonwealth Ave., Room 523, Boston, Massachusetts 02215, or feel free to contact the institute’s staff.