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We’re currently accepting project ideas for the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 semesters. Contact MetroBridge Program Manager Emily Robbins at if you’re interested in parting with us.

MetroBridge Program

The MetroBridge program takes a new approach to embedding real-world projects for local government into courses across Boston University. MetroBridge first cultivates project ideas by listening to the unique needs of local cities and towns, and then collaborates with faculty across the entire university to find the best course match for each project. We view our approach as a true win-win solution by providing tailored research products to under-resourced municipalities, while at the same time, exposing students from all disciplines to local government and encouraging them to contribute their voices to key civic dialogues.

MetroBridge Menu of Project Options

Despite the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, we know that the financial and operational impacts on local governments and community organizations will be severe. In acknowledgement of these difficult times ahead, the Initiative on Cities wants to make you aware of the ways the MetroBridge program can help you fill capacity gaps and continue to move projects forward. We have developed a “menu” of project options that local governments and community organizations can choose from that students and faculty can assist with during Boston University’s upcoming academic year (Sept. 2020-May 2021). These projects are in a wide variety of areas, including many specific to the COVID-19 crisis. 

View the menu of project options here.

Recent MetroBridge Projects by Topic

Community Engagement & Resident Surveys

Surveying Residents on City Service Delivery in Everett, MA
Course: Inequality and American Politics (CAS PO 519)
Faculty: Katherine Levine Einstein, Political Science, College of Arts & Sciences

Approaches to Surveying Residents’ Experiences with Airplane Noise in Milton, MA
Course: Public Opinion in American Politics (CAS PO 307) 
Faculty: Spencer Piston, Political Science, College of Arts & Sciences

Supporting Multilingual Citizen Engagement in Randolph, MA
Course: Cross-Cultural Psychology (CAS PS 560) 
Faculty: Catherine Caldwell-Harris, Psychology, College of Arts & Sciences

Economic Development & Planning

Supporting Local Business on Broadway in Chelsea, MA
Course: MetroBridge Planning Studio (MET UA 510)
Faculty: Emily Innes & David Valecillos, City Planning and Urban Affairs, Metropolitan College

Boosting Local Tourism in Everett, MA
Course: Economic Development and Tourism (MET AD 600)
Faculty: Robert Billington, Administrative Sciences, Metropolitan College

Exploring Models for Downtown Food Markets in New Bedford, MA
Course: Master of Science in Management Studies, Module 4
Faculty: Joseph LiPuma, Strategy and Innovation, Questrom School of Business

Planning Studio in the Quest Center District in New Bedford, MA
Course: MetroBridge Planning Studio (MET UA 510)
Faculty: Julie Conroy, City Planning and Urban Affairs, Metropolitan College

Elder Services

Innovating Improvements to Elder Services in Easton, MA
Course: Ideas to Impact (QST SI 250)
Faculty: Stine Grodal, Strategy and Innovation, Questrom School of Business 


Exploring Homelessness and Housing Insecurity in Chelsea, MA
Course: Sociological Research Methods (CAS SO 702)
Faculty: Jessica Simes, Sociology, College of Arts & Sciences

Regulating Short-Term Home Share Rentals in Watertown, MA
Course: Urban Public Policy Lab (CAS PO 520)
Faculty: David Glick, Political Science, College of Arts & Sciences

Public Health & Human Services

Developing a Response to Hoarding Situations in Winthrop, MA
Course: Mental Health and Social Policy (SSW WP 705) 
Faculty: Heidi SulmanSocial Welfare Policy, School of Social Work

Creating a Community Garden and Farmers’ Market in Winthrop, MA
Course: Obesity in Society (SPH SB 800)
Faculty: Monica Wang, Community Health Sciences, School of Public Health

Innovating Solutions to Key Public Health Challenges in Winthrop, MA: Addressing Air Quality, Creating a Culture of Consent, and Educating Informed Health Consumers
Course: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Global Health (KCH HC 302)
Faculty: Carrie Preston, Kilachand Honors College

Improving Access to Mental Health and Addiction Services in West Springfield, MA
Course: Global Mental Health (SAR HS 348)
Faculty: Shelley Brown, Health Sciences, Sargent College


Improving Transportation Safety in Arlington, MA
Course: Urban Politics and Policy (CAS PO 517)
Faculty: Katherine Levine Einstein, Political Science, College of Arts & Sciences

Analyzing Traffic Data in Arlington, MA
Course: Urban Public Policy Lab (CAS PO 520)
Faculty: Justin de Benedictis-Kessner, Political Science, College of Arts & Sciences

Increasing Ridership on Bus Rapid Transit in Everett, MA
Course: Urban Public Policy Lab (CAS PO 520)
Faculty: David Glick, Political Science, College of Arts & Sciences

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