Book Talk: Latino Mayors: Political Change in the Postindustrial City

On Thursday, November 14th, the Initiative on Cities, the Latin America Studies Program, the African American Studies Program, and the Center for Latin American Studies held a book talk with Marion Orr, the co-editor of Latino Mayors: Political Change in the Industrial City.

In Latino Mayors, the authors explore the rise of Latino mayors over the past 30 years and how their ascension into politics is a reflection of ethnic succession, changing urban demography, and political contexts. The book contains case studies of 11 Latino Mayors in six cities across the United States: San Antonio, Los Angeles, Denver, Hartford, Miami, and Providence.

Their goal was to situate these 11 mayors within a broader historical and political context, which provides a grounding for undergraduate and graduate students in political science, urban studies, and similar disciplines and creates a foundation for future scholarship. The main argument that Orr and his colleagues explored in their work is that Latino mayors came to power in a new political, economic, and social context in changing American cities.

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