New Publication: Youth Participatory Budgeting

The IOC is pleased to announce a second paper published by the Boston University team of researchers exploring youth participatory budgeting.

Their analysis is part of a broader study examining the scope, structure and functioning of 24 youth councils in the Boston-metro area. Among their findings, authors concluded that youth-led participatory budgeting has potential for engaging youth in governmental decision-making while addressing barriers to youth civic engagement.

View the full article from the Children and Youth Services Review here.

This paper was authored by Astraea Augsberger, Assistant Professor at the BU SSW; Mary Collins, Associate Dean and Professor at the BU SSW; Whitney Gecker, Doctoral Student at the BU SSW; Katharine Lusk, Executive Director of the BU Initiative on Cities; and Qianqian Jane Zhao, student at the BU SSW.