Voices of Impact; Junia Janvier (CAS’23), founder of My Sisters Keeper

Every day, BU Terriers are launching new ideas. Whether it’s in the form of a tech solution, community-focused nonprofit, campus initiative, or creative project, these ideas are often born from our web of backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, perspectives, and passions. 

In Innovate@BU’s new series, Voices of Impact, we’re asking students “why this idea and why you?” and “who or what is fueling your progress and pushing you to create meaningful impact?” In the first installment of the series, meet Junia Janvier (CAS’23), member of the Innovate@BU First-Year Innovation Fellowship.

In high school, Junia Janvier (CAS’23) knew she wanted to make a difference in the lives of her classmates. What started as a natural hair workshop for middle-school girls grew into workshops to help them gain confidence as they entered high school. Now, as a freshman at Boston University studying computer science, she’s a member of the Innovate@BU First-Year Innovation Fellowship where she’s building out the future of My Sisters Keeper, her program that she hopes to turn into a summer or after school program.

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