Celina Saffioti (Questrom ’21), founder, Cee uS Foods

Celina_Saffioti_0156Meet Celina Saffioti (Questrom ’21), founder of Cee uS foods. As a high school senior, Celina started her journey of baking and selling nutritious snacks and sweets. Find out how she’s continuing to grow the Cee uS brand from her dorm room kitchen!

Tell us a little about your venture, Cee uS:

We devote ourselves to crafting nutritious desserts that are made with wholesome ingredients and familiar flavors, that adhere to most dietary restrictions. We are making the sweet snacks, previously seen as bad decisions something that you can feel confident about eating.

In your opinion, what does it mean to be innovative?

To be open minded, yet determined in leading a change, to an entirely new, or previously existing system.

Tell us your story. How did it it all start? 

I began the endeavor of selling my carob brownies at local cafes and coffee shops during my senior year of high school back home in Long Island, NY. I was just beginning to bring local sweets made of raw ingredients into the hands of consumers, to spread the idea that health can taste delicious.


What has been the biggest challenge or obstacle you had to overcome? How did you do it? What did you learn from the experience?

My biggest challenge is living in a dormitory with minimal access to kitchens without fees, and finding the time that I need to continue managing the front end the business endeavor throughout my college career. I have not yet overcome this task, and thus am not selling these products in an local storefronts. However, I have learned that when believe that you cannot accomplish something, you most definitely can from a different angle. Whilst at BU, I have been in contact with law students and other business professionals in the industry, willing to help me along. I have been much more involved in learning about the legalities of this type of business and find myself searching for more potential resources.

Is there one (or two) major accomplishments you’re most proud of? What’s your next big goal?

My first major accomplishment was re-pitching to a store owner who had first turned me away with some major product flaws, and hearing him accept my offer to buy twenty four packs of brownies and see if they could sell on the counter within a week. My second accomplishment took place in Boston, when I was first interviewed and photographed baking. I proved to myself that I could pitch in such a way as to draw positive attention to the business idea. My next goal is to sell my products to cafes in the local Boston area.

What advice would you give to someone starting their own innovation journey right now?

If you have an idea that you enjoy, and can look forward to working with it everyday, don’t give up on it. People can reject and critique forever, but if you believe in your plan, work to progress it with an open mind.

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