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#TerrierMade: Kruti Kanojia (Questrom’20), A New Solution for Video Game Addiction

After watching video game addictions impact those around her, gamer and Questrom MBA student Kruti Kanojia (Questrom’20) set out to create a modern and effective therapy. Now, she and her husband, a private psychiatrist and reformed gamer, are combining their skills to launch Healthy Gamer. Their goal–to build a platform and support program that young, disengaged gamers will actually want to use. Read More

Seed Grants Help Fine Arts Students Launch and Scale Ideas

During the fall 2018 semester, Innovate@BU partnered with the College of Fine Arts to provide seed grants to students working on creative ideas, ventures, and projects. The projects ranged from after-school music programs to circus performances to murals. Equipped with grants of up to $500, see how these seven students plan to create social impact and innovation through the arts.Read More.

#TerrierMade: Josephine Amusa (CAS’18), Storytelling from Spain to Post-Grad Life

Josephine Amusa (CAS’18 – International Relations and Spanish) started her blog, Black Girl Navigates, as a response to the vulnerability she felt while studying abroad in Spain. Her goal was to not only work through her own frustrations but to provide comfort and humor to others going through similar experiences.Read More

#TerrierMade: Anthony Dongfack (CAS’20), Feeding Boston’s Homeless Through Meal Swipes

With just the swipe of a BU ID card, Anthony Dongfack (CAS’20) is empowering BU students to battle hunger and “bridge the gap between privileged individuals and the homeless population of Boston.” Read More.

#TerrierMade: DL Lundberg (SPH’19), Make Fashion Clean

In just a few years, DL Lundberg (they/them/theirs) (SPH’19) went from an undergrad conducting research in Ghana to becoming the co-founder of Make Fashion Clean (MFC), a non-profit that is committed to creating sustainable fashion while employing underprivileged people in the Ghanaian community. ” Read More

How to Launch a Successfull Kickstarter Campaign

Thinking of launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund your idea? Check out these tips and strategies from BU Norway Program alumni and Kickstarter experters.Read More.

#TerrierMade: Dylan Kim (Questrom’19),TASSEL

Dylan Kim (Questrom’19) knows what can happen when you take a chance and say “yes” to new adventures. In addition to studying finance and taking beautiful photos for clients, Dylan volunteers for TASSEL, a nonprofit that is focused on changing the lives of rural Cambodians. The work isn’t always easy, but he says “the people of Cambodia is what keeps me motivated to keep going there.” Read More

#TerrierMade: Connor Malbeuf (COM’19), Content Creator, Comedian, & COM

Connor Malbeuf (COM’19) is a lot of things–comedian, content creator, YouTuber, a student in the College of Communication’s Media Ventures graduate program, and co-host of COMunfiltered. His goal? To deliver authentic content that makes people laugh. And, maybe someday take over Jimmy Fallon’s throne.Read More.

#TerrierMade: Casey Chon (Wheelock’19), Master of Arts in Teaching Arabic

Casey Chon (Wheelock’18) is the only person in the Masters of Arts in Teaching Arabic as a Modern Foreign Language, and after graduating she’s determined to use language to make the world a better place. Her love for language goes beyond her school work–she’s also an Arabic Language Leader at BU’s Global House, a living-learning community for students that are passionate about languages and cultures. Read More

#TerrierMade: Yasmin Morais (CAS’19), RefEd Initiative

When she’s not busy being a BU student or writing poetry, Yasmin Morais (CAS’19) (middle) serves as Executive Director of RefEd, an education platform for refugee children. She and her team developed the idea in BU’s “Human Trafficking and Forced Migration” class. Their goal? To reduce this gap and ensure that every child has access to education, even while they migrate. Read More.

#TerrierMade: Remy Usman (CFA’19), Charcoal Magazine

During her freshman year, Remy Usman (CFA’19) was inspired to create a tight-knit community for student artists of color. By 2017, that inspiration grew into Charcoal Magazine, a completely student-run art publication. With the second issue launching soon, Remy shares how she’s learning to delegate, grow her team, and wear the hat of both artist and Editor-in-Chief. Read More

#TerrierMade: Alex Neary (Questrom’18), CompanyWide

In 2016, CompanyWide was just an idea in a PowerPoint deck. Now, Alex Neary (Questrom’18) and his team have their eyes set on helping construction workers get high-paying and high-quality jobs. Read More.

#TerrierMade: Alex Shadrow (COM’15), CEO/Founder, Relovv

Meet Alex Shadrow (COM’15). As an undergrad, her startup reached more than half of BU students. Now, she’s rebranding and making big moves from one of the world’s most competitive startup accelerators. Read More

#TerrierMade: Daylin Frantin (Questrom ’19), CFO, Flux Marine

Meet Daylin Frantin (Questrom ’19). He’s the cofounder and CFO of Flux Marine, a company dedicated to clean, sustainable, and reliable tech for the boating industry.Read More

#TerrierMade: Amanda Domuracki (COM ’15,’16), Hulu

Meet Amanda Domuracki (COM ’15, ’16). She’s an associate social media Manager at Hulu and a two time BU alum from the College of Communication Read More

#TerrierMade:Chris Tolles (Questrom ’14), CoFounder, Sundots

Meet Chris Tolles (Questrom ’14), he and his cofounder (a fellow Terrier!) are launching the world’s first gummy for sun protection. Read More

Digital Innovation in Calais: Setbacks and Lessons Learned – Part 2

In October 2017, two BU alums made their way overseas to begin development on a digital platform to support refugee nonprofits in the EU. Now, six months later, Smaranda and Matthias look back at the experience so far. Read More

Student Spotlight: Celina Saffioti (Questrom ’21), founder, Cee uS Foods

Meet Celina Saffioti (Questrom ’21). She’s on a mission to create delicious and nutritious snacks from her dorm-room kitchen!Read More

The Calais Project: Using Digital Innovation to Help Refugee Minors in France

Inspired by a class on Forced Migration and Human Trafficking, two BU students set out to create a digital platform that could help minors after they leave refugee camps. Read More

#TerrierMade: Alexa Nicholls Costa (SAR ’10), CoFounder, LexRx

Meet Alexa Nicholls Costa, NP (SAR ’10)! She’s disrupting the dermatology industry while building one of Boston’s A-List brands. Read More