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#TerrierMade: Daylin Frantin (Questrom ’19), CFO, Flux Marine

Meet Daylin Frantin (Questrom ’19). He’s the cofounder and CFO of Flux Marine, a company dedicated to clean, sustainable, and reliable tech for the boating industry.Read More

#TerrierMade: Amanda Domuracki (COM ’15,’16), Hulu

Meet Amanda Domuracki (COM ’15, ’16). She’s an associate social media Manager at Hulu and a two time BU alum from the College of Communication Read More

#TerrierMade:Chris Tolles (Questrom ’14), CoFounder, Sundots

Meet Chris Tolles (Questrom ’14), he and his cofounder (a fellow Terrier!) are launching the world’s first gummy for sun protection. Read More

Digital Innovation in Calais: Setbacks and Lessons Learned – Part 2

In October 2017, two BU alums made their way overseas to begin development on a digital platform to support refugee nonprofits in the EU. Now, six months later, Smaranda and Matthias look back at the experience so far. Read More

Student Spotlight: Celina Saffioti (Questrom ’21), founder, Cee uS Foods

Meet Celina Saffioti (Questrom ’21). She’s on a mission to create delicious and nutritious snacks from her dorm-room kitchen!Read More

The Calais Project: Using Digital Innovation to Help Refugee Minors in France

Inspired by a class on Forced Migration and Human Trafficking, two BU students set out to create a digital platform that could help minors after they leave refugee camps. Read More

#TerrierMade: Alexa Nicholls Costa (SAR ’10), CoFounder, LexRx

Meet Alexa Nicholls Costa, NP (SAR ’10)! She’s disrupting the dermatology industry while building one of Boston’s A-List brands. Read More