Social Impact Projects

Have an idea that impacts your community? We can help.

Innovate@BU Social Impact Projects are student-led, student-run ideas which aim to create a positive impact for a social issue or cause with a community beyond BU. 

We support these projects with coaching, event planning, marketing and/or funding to help with the development and implementation of the idea. If you hope to expand your project into a repeatable and scalable business (for or nonprofit), your application should be submitted to the Innovation Pathway. Social Impact Grants are only available to current BU students. 

Examples of Social Innovation Projects could be: 

  • Petition to ban the use of plastic straws on campus and beyond
  • An idea for a public garden in Allston community
  • One-day event inviting Boston Public School students to campus to explore STEM pathways
  • Analyzing data related to the cost of housing in Boston. 

Social Impact Projects could fall into any of the categories below: 

  • Poverty, hunger
  • Health and wellness
  • Education
  • Equality and Social Justice: race, gender, religion or sexual orientation
  • Environment: sustainability, climate change, clean water
  • Economic Development
  • To learn more about these categories, check out the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

You are a great fit for the Social Impact Project community if you:

  • Are a current BU student (undergraduate or graduate)
  • Participate in a student-led, student-run team
  • Care about a social issue and are committed to creating a positive impact for a social issue or cause with a community beyond BU.
  • Want to receive additional support to grow your idea

Read the details below, and when you’re ready:

Apply here!