Purpose Workshop Series

Maybe you know what you’re passionate about but unsure of how that fits into a career? Or, are you worried about how you can climb the job ladder while creating a positive impact in the world?

This spring, our Purpose Workshop Series will help you answer these questions while solving the puzzle of combining your talents, interests, and career.

Why Purpose? 

People who identify and live with a strong sense of purpose:

  • Are 42% more likely to regularly experience contentment (Leider,2009)
  • Have an average .2 increase in GPA (Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 2014)
  • Are less likely to be clinically depressed (Journal of Clinical Psychology, 1980)
  • Are 4x more engaged in life, work, and school (Gallup, 2013)
  • Live up to 7 years longer (NIH, 1998; Carleton, 2014)

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Workshop Topics:

This four-part series is held on four Friday’s during the spring 2019 semester. Attendees are encouraged to attend all four workshops but it is not required.

  • Discovering Purpose, February 15, 1-2:30 pm: Start by reflecting on your talents and interests and begin crafting your own purpose statement. Leave this workshop with an understanding of how these components fit in your career and life.

  • Activating Purpose, March 1, 1-2:30 pm: Using your purpose statement, we’ll dive into a simple organization tool to help build a personal activation plan. Leave this workshop with a plan to incorporate purpose into your everyday life.

  • Maintaining Purpose, March 22, 1-2:30 pm: As your life and career change, your purpose might too. We’ll use the design-thinking process to prepare ourselves for the inevitable pivots in our lives.

  • Evolving Purpose, April 12, 1-2:30 pm: After understanding and planning for your own purpose, how do you maintain it? In a “Burnout Era”, we’ll discuss strategies for balancing self-care while continuing to create impact in the world around you.

Each workshop includes:

  • Brief presentation from the facilitator
  • Individual work and reflection
  • Group discussion
  • Guest speaker with Q&A time