BUild Lab Programs

At our signature programs, you can get inspired to create meaningful impact, learn innovation skills that you can use in any field, and work on your own idea of any kind by earning funding, connecting with mentors, and so much more! 

The following abbreviations indicate when a program is offered:
F=Fall semester; S=Spring Semester; SUM=Summer; W=Winter Break; YR=Year-round. 

Experiential & Educational

Whether you’re dreaming of being your own boss or you want to make sure you have the career skills to stand out to employers, our experiential and educational programs are the perfect place to start.

Our experiential programs, including the Innovation Pathway, Accelerator, and First-Year Innovation Fellowship, will immerse you in the process of launching new ideas of any kind. Our educational programs, including the Hub Cocurriculars, workshops, and bootcamps, will teach you innovation skills that you can use in any career and inspire new ideas you could work on.

Competitions & Funding

Our funding programs range from small seed grants to get you started, including the Sustainability Innovation Seed Grants, to our annual New Venture Competition that awards over $64,000 to student-led start-ups.


Throughout the year, we host challenges that range in theme and format. These are perfect opportunities for students who would like to use their creativity to solve tangible, meaningful problems, want to collaborate with students from across the University, and are seeking inspiration for a new idea to work on.

Office Hours & Coaching

Our staff, who are experienced innovation and entrepreneurship, industry experts, and University partners are here to help you every step of the way whether you’re not sure where to begin with a new idea or you need specific advice to make progress.

Our office hour categories include:

  • Innovate@BU Staff (YR)
  • Industry Experts (YR)
  • The BU Startup Law Clinic (YR)
  • The BU Technology Law Clinic (YR)

Learn more about Office Hours.

Innovation Community

Meaningful ideas are created by diverse teams with different experiences, expertise, and talents. Our community programs aim to connect peers, explore innovation of all types, and help shape the BU innovation community.

Find or Build a Team

While all of our events are a great way to meet new people to collaborate with, we also provide specific platforms and events for you to find a team to join or to recruit peers to join your team.


Additional Resources for Post-doc, PhD, and MBA’s

While all of our programs are open to undergrad and grad students, we also offer a series of opportunities specifically designed for MBA, doctoral, and post-doc students including workshops and experiential programs.

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