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In addition to the BUild Lab, specialized organizations at BU can help you with everything from building a prototype to protecting your intellectual property and bringing a product to market.

Check out the resources below and even more in the BU Terrier Guide to Innovation.

BU Spark!

BU Spark! supports student-driven innovation and entrepreneurship in computer science, computer engineering, and all related fields. Access to resources, knowledge, and expert networks are available to all BU students.
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Engineering Product Innovation Center (EPIC)

As part of the College of Engineering, EPIC is home to cutting-edge facilities and equipment—and is open to all BU students of all majors to receive training on skills necessary for product innovation, such as design, prototyping, and manufacturing.
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BU Student Legal Resources

The Startup Law Clinic and the Technology Law Clinic serve as legal resources to student entrepreneurs, innovators, and researchers. Every Thursday, students can take advantage of Law Clinic office hours held at the BUild Lab.

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Frederick S. Pardee Management Library – Innovation Resources Portal

The Frederick S. Pardee Management Library is located on the second and third floors of the Rafik B. Hariri Building at 595 Commonwealth Avenue, provides an extensive collection of leading print and electronic resources in business, management, and related subjects. In addition to our holdings, they have currated an Innovation Resource Portal which provides resources for innovation, entrepreneurship and new ventures in various disciplines
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Arts Initiative Grants

To encourage the continued development of an intellectual community around the arts and arts practice at BU and enhance our student-life experience, the BU Arts Initiative offers research grants for graduate and undergraduate research, as well as grants to faculty, students, and staff for projects that directly engage students in the arts.
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Population Health Exchange (PHX)

PHX is a digital portal for organizing a variety of information concerning public health, which can be reflective of scientific, economic, social, and contextual factors. Flexible educational resources allow users to stay current and learn new skills in public health.
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Singh Imagineering Lab (Tinker)

“The Tinker Lab” is open to all entrepreneurial ENG students to use for any project, for any length of time. Besides tools and machinery, you may also take advantage of guidance from faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate peers while pursuing your ideas.
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