Run Stage

In the Run stage, it’s time to ramp up your efforts and start sharing your idea with the world!

Venture teams will focus on developing a pilot to release to the world; project teams will finalize their project proposal, build an audience, and develop feedback mechanisms.

Successful completion of this stage will allow you to receive funding and additional mentorship support. Please note, some action steps vary for the Venture and Project tracks.

*During the summer, Innovation Pathway activities will be held virtually using Zoom.* 

Run Stage Steps:

  1. Get paired with and meet your mentor! 

    • Run teams will receive an email from Micaelah Morrill, Director of External Relations, with instructions for meeting and making the most of your dedicated mentor.

    • Mentor matches are made for six-months. After that, it’s up to you and the mentor if you want to continue to meet.

  2. Engage with the Innovation Pathway community by attending these Innovate@BU events and using these resources: 

    • Virtual Terriers Tell: Weekly Fireside Chats with Student Entrepreneurs (fall and spring)
    • Virtual BYO Industry Lunches (fall and spring)

    • Ventures are encouraged to apply to the:

      • New Venture Competition, our annual three-round pitch competition with grand prizes between $6,000-$18,000! Round 1: Pitch & Pizza runs November-February.

      • Summer Accelerator, our 10-week program that provides workshops, mentorship, and a $10,000 stipend.

  3. Start engaging with Boston’s innovation and entrepreneurship community! Here are a few organizations we recommend checking out:

  4. Continue to make progress on your idea by using these resources and templates: 

    • Attend Virtual Expert Office Hours hosted at the BUild Lab by external community members.

    • Use our growing Resources Folder to find templates and guides for topics like marketing, customer interviews, idea validation, finances, and more.

    • Work on growing your team and filling your talent gaps by:
      • Meeting fellow students at Idea Nights and Industry BYO Lunches
      • Post on our “BUild Your Team” wall at the BUild Lab
      • Post on the Innovate@BU Community Slack Channel and share what types of help and talent you are looking for.

  5. Transition to the Fly Stage and be eligible to receive your second cash grant. 

    • Projects: Schedule a virtual appointment with the Program Director of Social Innovation to review your final project proposal.
      • Finalize your project proposal and meet with the Program Director of Social Innovation to review updates and receive approval.
      • When you apply from Run to Fly, you are pitching to receive up to 50% of your grant request of up to $3,000. 

    • Ventures: Apply to pitch at the monthly Virtual Investment Panel where you will pitch your slides to a dedicated group of investors.
      • These take place on the first Tuesday of each month and you must apply by the middle of the previous month.
      • The IP staff and coaches will help you prepare and practice a 10-minute pitch.
      • When you apply from Run to Fly, you are pitching for up to a $2,000 cash grant.

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