Fly Stage

In the Fly stage, it’s time to take your idea to the next level!

If you’re working on a venture, at this stage, you have a product or service that is showing great traction and you are ready to scale. If you’re working on a project, you’re ready to execute your idea and share it with an audience.

*During the summer, Innovation Pathway activities will be held virtually using Zoom.* 

Fly Stage Steps:

  1. Continue to leverage the expertise of your mentor

    • Mentor matches are made for six-months. After that, it’s up to you and the mentor if you want to continue to meet. 

  2. Engage with the Innovation Pathway community by attending these Innovate@BU events and using these external resources 

  3. Execute your venture or project

    • Projects: 

      • It’s time to execute the final version of your project, like hosting your event or launching your campaign. Don’t forget to collect feedback from attendees and stakeholders to include in your Action Report!

      • Submit an Action Report using our template. This report will help you improve future projects and serve as a guide for new Innovation Pathway teams.

      • Receive your final funding installment. 

    • Ventures: It’s time for business! Start focusing on how you will grow your team and fill talent gaps in order to grow your venture. 

  4. Stay connected! 

    • Continue to use Innovate@BU resources like workshops and office hours as needed.

    • Look out for opportunities to share your experience and advice with students.

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