A self-paced program to help BU students transform their ideas into something real. 

*Due to the spread of COVID-19, BU is moving classes online for the remainder of the spring and summer semesters. We are happy to be able to continue Innovation Pathway activities virtually including new team orientation, feedback forums, office hours, workshops, and more.* 

The Innovation Pathway (IP), made possible by Cynthia Cohen (MET), founder of IMPACT 2040, is a self-paced program to guide current BU students and recent alumni* through the process of transforming all forms of innovation and entrepreneurship into real impact.

The IP’s four stages will guide you toward the resources, funding, and opportunities that will help you progress your projects and ventures through different phases of development. 

The program offers two tracks–ventures and projects–making the process applicable to all forms of ideas

  1. Ventures: an idea supported by a sustainable and scalable business model (for-profit, tech, social impact, nonprofit, creative, or cultural idea)

  2. Projects: an action-oriented idea aimed at creating a positive impact on campus and beyond (ex: policy, advocacy, event, media campaign, creative content, etc.)

*Alumni who have graduated from BU within one year may participate in the Innovation Pathway for one calendar year. The BU alumni must be a founding team member of the venture or project or be able to prove that they are a team member with equity. A BU alum who is an intern for a venture/project does not qualify as a founding team member.

Learn More About Stage 1: Get Inspired

The Four Stages

The Innovation Pathway consists of four stages–Get Inspired, Walk, Run and Fly–that will help you push your idea forward.

Each stage includes a combination of resources, milestones, and action items that you can complete at your own pace.

The Walk and Run stages include a formal presentation opportunity to further validate the idea, receive constructive feedback, and unlock funding.

For more information about each stage check out the Innovation Pathway Guide and Calendar or click on one of the phases below.

Get Inspired

Verify that you are working on a problem that needs to be solved.


Verify that your solution solves the problem.


Verify that your idea is ready for scaling.


Verify that your idea is strategically scaling and creating sustained impact.

Ready to Get Started? Learn More About Stage 1: Get Inspired