Whether you’re eager to get inspired or have an idea you’re ready to launch, Innovate@BU’s resources exist to guide students through the process of transforming an idea into real impact.

The Innovation Pathway is a process to foster and support all forms of innovation created by current students. It will guide you to toward the resources, and opportunities that will help you to develop your ventures through its different phases. This process is applicable to all forms of ventures: social impact, nonprofit, creative, cultural, and for-profit.

The Pathway consists of four phases – Get Inspired, Walk, Run and Fly that will help you push your idea forward. The Walk and Run phase includes a formal pitch opportunity to further validate the idea, receive constructive feedback, and funding.

For more information about each phase, check out the Innovation Pathway Guide.

The Innovation Pathway is made possible by Cynthia Cohen (MET’77)

The Innovate@BU Pathway will:

  1. Help you apply a methodical approach to starting a new venture of any form.
  2. Provide a support system as you encounter challenges and obstacles.
  3. Supply you with consistent resources during each stage. These include advising, funding opportunities, workshops, networking, mentoring, and more.
  4. Help track your growth and success.

Ready? Start here to join the Innovation Pathway!

In order to qualify for the Innovate@BU Pathway, you must be a current BU student (undergraduate or graduate) and be one of the founding team members.

Explore the stages and their activities below: