Board Development

Effective boards of directors are key to nonprofit effectiveness, yet few have had the opportunity to learn about rules of governance, fundraising methods, nonprofit finance, and general best practices.

INML’s Board Leadership Seminar is a three-session program. Nonprofit board members and executive directors are welcome to register.  Registration also includes the opportunity to attend several  INML Management Seminar sessions.

Future Seminar Dates

  • Stay tuned for our next round of seminar session! Online registration will open shortly.
  • All classes are held at the Boston University School of Management

Next Steps

  • To register for the Board Leadership Seminar, please email or call Kristen Heintz-Perkins at 617-358-5930. Registration is on a first come, first serve basis and limited to 15 participants per seminar.  

The cost of the Board Leadership Seminar is determined by your organization’s annual operating budget:

  • Less than $500,000: $200 per participant
  • $500,000-$3 million: $300 per participant
  • Over $3 million: $400 per participant