SafeConnect Privacy Statement

SafeConnect provides the university the capability to establish a minimum security baseline for systems that connect to the campus network.  In order to do so, users will be required to install SafeConnect Client, a software application that validates specific system configuration attributes and grants network access once a system is deemed to be in a secure state.   It cannot be used for any other purpose, such as monitoring users’ system or network activity.

The implementation of SafeConnect will be done in phases; the first phase will be the wired ResNet space (completed in September 2014) and phase two will be the guest wireless (January 2015) and conference services space (Summer One, 2015).  All other network segments are out of scope for the NetReg replacement project.

Collected Information
The following information will be collected and made available to IS&T and departmental IT staff:

  1. User name
  2. Hostname and or computer name

  3. Operating System version
  4. Computer’s Network Address (“MAC” address)
  5. IP Address
  6. Date and time the device was last observed on the network
  7. Presence of:
      • Up to date Anti-Virus  application
      • Automatic patch update configuration
      • Network Address Translation (NAT)
      • Peer to Peer software

      Enforcement Polices

      Enforcement policies have not been established at this time.  Under consideration are policies to check for wireless routers and switches as well as an up to date anti-virus program running and a fully patched operating system. All policies will be reviewed, approved, and implemented as outlined in the statement of intent in support of the University Information Security Policy.

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      Last Updated 12/23/2014