What is the NetReg Replacement Project and SafeConnect?

SafeConnect is a commercial Network Access Control (NAC) solution that has replaced NetReg, a custom application used on our wired residential (ResNet), guest wireless, and conference services networks. SafeConnect is part of a BU Information Security initiative to protect computers on the Boston University network from viruses, spyware, and operating system security vulnerabilities. Computers and networks that are adequately protected are reliable and provide a better, more consistent and safer experience.

SafeConnect will help ensure that our institutional computing resources are protected. Having SafeConnect in place on the Boston University network has two primary benefits: You get confirmation that your computer is up-to-date and better protected and you know that other systems connected to the network are generally also protected and much less likely to pose a threat to your computer or your accounts.

SafeConnect Policy Key

Installation of the SafeConnect Policy Key will be required for Windows and Mac computers that are directly connected to the Boston University residential networks. Those who have not previously installed the SafeConnect Policy Key will be prompted to do so when opening a web browser on a SafeConnect protected subnet.

Getting Started

Statement of Intent



Last Updated 12/23/2014