Be sure to set a strong password!

  1. Go to the Options menu
  2. Scroll down to Security Options and click it
  3. Click General Settings
  4. Click the option for Password
  5. Choose the Enable option
  6. Enter your new password on the next screen. (If no screen appears, you may have already set a password for another application)
  7. Set your number of password attempts. This is how many times you can guess your password before your phone is wiped/blanked of all its memory. Use with caution.
  8. Set the amount of time you want on Security Timeout – the idle time until your phone automatically locks itself.
  9. Select yes or no for prompt on application install.


Reset your Blackberry:

Resetting your Blackberry is slightly more of a complicated process in comparison to other types of smartphones. We recommend Backing Up your device prior to resetting it:;jsessionid=B1AC3645694950F69892FADE09E9A03B?externalId=KB18998&sliceId=2&cmd=displayKC&docType=kc&noCount=true&ViewedDocsListHelper=com.kanisa.apps.common.BaseViewedDocsListHelperImpl