Set a unlock pattern

Unlike most other devices, Android does not use a passcode but rather an ‘unlock pattern’ in which you swipe your fingertip across a series of dots in a prespecified manner.

1.      Open the Settings menu

2.      Tap Location and Security

3.      Tap Set Unlock Pattern (if you haven’t set an unlock pattern before)

4.      If you have set a pattern before, tap Change Unlock Pattern

5.      You should not be on the Draw Unlock Pattern screen.

a.       Touch your finger down on any dot on the screen and then swipe your finger over nearby dots in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal manner

b.      More dots connected and more complex patterns are more secure


Reset your Android

With the countless versions of Android out on the market, the thought of resetting any particular Android device may seem complicated. However, this is not the case: