Human Rights film screening "Letter from Masanjia"

7:00 pm on Tuesday, April 23, 2019
9:00 pm on Tuesday, April 23, 2019
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Please join us for the screening of the award-winning documentary. An Oregon woman finds an SOS message from a Chinese dissident in a package of Halloween decorations from Kmart, setting off a chain of events that would shut down the entire labor camp system in China and ignite the letter-writer’s dangerous quest to expose a deadly persecution. 一封驚現在美國萬聖節裝飾品中的、來自中國勞教所的越洋求救信曾轟動國際社會。 求救信作者孫毅在嚴密監控下用鏡頭記錄下他真實的生活,重現了他在勞教所的經歷及寫求救信的過程。 講述了一段感人至深的傳奇故事。 TRAILER 電影預告片 Time: April 23. 7-8pm screening, 8-9pm Q&A. Add: CAS 313, 685-725 Commonwealth Avenue Letter from Masanjia begins when mom of two, Julie Keith, finds an SOS note in a box of “Made in China” Halloween decorations from an Oregon Kmart. The desperate note was written by a political prisoner named Sun Yi, from inside China’s notorious Masanjia labor camp. On the crumpled page that travelled over 5000 miles, he details being jailed for his spiritual beliefs and how he is being subjected to torture and brainwashing tactics. His message goes viral and miraculously leads to the closure of China’s entire labor camp system. But their story is far from over. Peabody-winning Canadian filmmaker Leon Lee is not welcome in his native country because of his prior films about China’s human rights abuses. So, in Letter from Masanjia, he teaches Sun Yi to use camera equipment via Skype. For over a year, Sun Yi secretly captures harrowing footage of his daily life as a human rights defender, leading up to his tense run from the Chinese authorities. Meanwhile, just outside Portland, Julie Keith is struggling with her own dilemmas as a mother newly embroiled in this cause. Together, these unlikely heroes expose China’s ongoing persecution against millions whose ideology differs from the Chinese government.