Generations at Work

9:30 am on Monday, April 29, 2013
12:30 pm on Monday, April 29, 2013
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Stacey Wilbur
Part of Human Resources Get Trained Training Series As a child did you listen to the radio, watch a black and white, a color, or plasma TV or watch shows on your computer? Did you listen to the music of Billie Holiday, The Beatles, Madonna or Beyonce? Our life experiences define our generation. Veterans. Baby Boomers. Generation X. Millennial. The work place today is comprised of individuals from each generation and each generation brings to the work place its unique values, ideas, methods of communication and life experiences. In this interactive program, we will review the four distinct generations, review each generations behavioral and work characteristics and discuss methods and strategies to incorporate the benefits of working in a multi-generational work place into good management practice.