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⇒On November 17, 2016, Dr. Kristian Girling presented a fascinating and thoughtful talk at the IIS on “Baghdad College and al-Hikma University.”  The venue was Boston University’s Pardee School.  You may now listen to the lecture via streaming audio.⇐

IIS is an educational initiative designed to enable, foster and encourage inter-disciplinary scholarship on contemporary Iraq, including but not limited to religious institutions and practices, politics, society, history and culture, as well Iraq’s regional and international relations.  The Institute hosts an Annual Lecture on Contemporary Iraq, Workshops on Iraq, and periodic conferences, and it is directed by Professor Augustus Richard Norton.  IIS is a component of Boston University’s Institute for the Study of Muslim Societies and Civilizations.

The 2013 and 2014 reports from the workshops on the Syrian refugee crisis are available for download.

The Institute has welcomed Iraqi scholars to the United States and has occasionally offered fellowships to Iraq-based scholars. Please see Faculty & Fellowships for more details.

Three non-resident senior fellows are associated with IIS: Dr. Riedar Visser, Professor Haider Ala Hamoudi of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law and Professor Abbas Kadhim of the Naval Postgraduate School. In addition, Ms. Beth Murphy, founder and director of Principle Pictures, is Visual Arts Fellow.

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IIS Announcements

Dr. Kristin Girling on "Baghdad College and al-Hikma University: American Jesuit contributions to Iraqi education and society 1932--1968," at the Pardee School, 121 Bay State Road, on November 17, 2016, at 12:00 P.M.

Activist 'Ali 'Issa on "Voices of Popular Struggle in Iraq," at the Pardee School, 121 Bay State Road, on March 18, 2016, at 2:30 P.M.

Novel Elias Khoury read from his new book The Broken Mirrors: Sinacol on March 2, 2016, at 7:00 P.M.

Just published! Eric Davis on Taking Democracy Seriously in Iraq

PDF and Kindle versions will be available.

IIS sponsors Muslim Youth conference, April 9, 2015

Can Iraq be Saved?

Read the rapporteur's report from the November 19, 2014 lecture and listen to streaming audio.

Sexual and Gender Based Violence against Syrian Refugees

Read the just-published executive summary from the May 2, 2014, workshop.

The Syrian Refugee Crisis and the Contiguous States

Read the just-published report from the January 31, 2014, workshop.

Beth Murphy joins as Non-Resident Fellow

The Institute is please to announce the appointment of Beth Murphy as Non-Resident Visual Arts Fellow.

JANUARY 31 2014 9am to 4:30pm: Workshop on the Syrian Refugee Crisis

CURA, 10 Lenox Street
Brookline, MA

This workshop focuses on the impact of the Syrian refugee crisis on the contiguous countries: Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey.


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