Boston University International Incubator Program

Your Gateway to the World’s Markets

The International Incubator Program at Boston University offers you a unique portal to access the United States and other international markets for your products. By providing a comprehensive portfolio of customized facilities, services, and educational opportunities designed to prepare you and your company for rapid, efficient, and targeted market entry, the International Incubator Program helps you create a sustainable new venture in the heart of the vibrant, world class, Boston community. Working with companies, science parks, universities, foundations, and government agencies, the International Incubator Program at Boston University brings you a full range of on-site, on-line, and on-campus workshops, seminars, courses, and certification programs dedicated to the specific needs of your company including intellectual property creation and management, technology transfer, regulatory approvals, new venture formation, and alternative funding sources.


The NBIA awards Boston University a soft landings designation
The Boston University International Incubator Program is only one of 12 NBIA soft landings incubators worldwide. The award recognizes our capability to create new businesses by working with technologies, entrepreneurs and companies originating from overseas.

“The designation of Boston University’s International Incubator Program as an official Soft Landings Incubator is great news for both Boston University and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as a whole. As one of only five programs in the United States to have achieved this distinction, Boston University’s International Incubator Program will be especially beneficial to innovation-driven businesses from around the world that are looking to explore partnerships with Massachusetts.  We look forward to working closely with the Boston University team and to the opportunity to create new jobs in Massachusetts." - Christa Bleyleben, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Office of International Trade and Investment (MOITI).

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