Our Work

Our Work

The IHSIP focuses on five pivotal, interconnected domains that are central to driving innovation in health care.

Science and technology are offering tools for health improvement at a rapidly accelerating pace. These include bio-pharmaceutical innovation, new medical devices, and digital and tele-health platforms. However, this development needs to be effectively managed and its products need to be carefully integrated into the healthcare system in order to actually improve value.

Healthcare delivery systems are challenging environments in which to innovate due to their great complexity and multiple pressures and stakeholders. Intelligent and realistic innovation, and even redesign, will be essential to meeting the emerging needs of evolving populations. Such design can only be developed from a multidisciplinary and multi-faceted platform that relies on evidence and deep expertise to inform decisions.

The Center for Health System Design & Implementation (CHSDI) is the first chartered component center within the IHSIP.

The emerging challenges of the health sector demand a new level of leadership. Twenty-first century leaders must see beyond the immediate demands and interests of their current roles, and their focused areas of training, to understand the current and needed shifts in the system. Only this will allow them to effectively operate to create value in a complex, ambiguous, and uncertain environment.

Use of data and analytics is a critical positive leverage point in a system that can no longer process critical information in traditional ways. New capacities in this arena promise to go beyond improving efficiency to transform how care is provided and how the system is designed and managed.

Values and intentions alone cannot drive policy.  Achieving results that are concrete and measurable is challenging but essential.   Deep understanding of the other four domains, and hard evidence based on quantitative research, will provide the basis for intelligent policy that is designed for specific effects.