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Evidence, Science, and Integrity in the Age of Tribalism and COVID-19

By Brian Jack, MD There is an overdue and growing recognition of our responsibility to sustain the principle of applying scientific evidence in public policy decision-making.  Four recent examples support the need for scientists and the public at large to raise their voice. Leading by Example to Control COVID-19. On April 2, 2020, three colleagues […]

A Letter from Dr. Woodson

I was deeply saddened by the events in Georgia, Kentucky, and Minneapolis – reminders of the unfinished work we have in this country toward fulfillment of the ideals of the constitution. As a member of the U.S. military, I pledged to protect and defend these ideals alongside my fellow soldiers. As a doctor, my civilian […]

Medical Product Procurement in the COVID-19 Era: Challenges & Opportunities

Explore our June webinar session.  This recording has been lightly edited for clarity. Click here for video with transcript and closed captioning. About the Webinar Based on their recent Health Affairs Blog article, Anand Devaiah, MD, FACS and Rena Conti, PhD discussed the unique challenges to supply chains and procurement ecosystems present to the United States’ efforts to combat the […]

The Case for U.S. Health System Transformation: Response to The COVID-19 Pandemic

IHSIP’s inaugural virtual event.    Recording has been lightly edited for clarity. Click here for closed captioning and transcript. About This event was led by Dr. Woodson, and discussed health system transformation related to the current pandemic. Presenter Jonathan Woodson, MD, leads Boston University’s University-wide Institute for Health System Innovation & Policy. He is a […]

Digital Health Initiative: 2020 Applications

The Boston University Digital Health Initiative (DHI) is pleased to award annual DHI funding to transdisciplinary research that seeks novel digital solutions to modern healthcare’s greatest challenges. In particular, our applications seek faculty interested in projects that incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning approaches in the development, deployment, and assessment of novel digital health solutions. Past projects included investigators across […]