Social Determinants of Health: Leveraging Root Cause, Intersections, Interventions

March 2019’s Nexus Series event, with Dr. Thea James

On Wednesday, March 27, Dr. Thea James presented her work with the Boston Medical Center to create innovative, upstream solutions to health disparities. The full talk and discussion are available below.


Photo of Dr. Thea JamesThea James, MD, is Vice President of Mission and Associate Chief Medical Officer at Boston Medical Center. She is an Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine and Director of the Violence Intervention Advocacy Program at BMC. Dr. James is a founding member of the National Network of Hospital-Based Violence Intervention Advocacy Programs (NNHVIP). In 2011 she was appointed to Attorney General Eric Holder’s National Task Force on Children Exposed to Violence.

As Vice President of Mission, Dr. James works with caregivers throughout BMC. Additionally she has primary responsibility for coordinating and maximizing BMC’s relationships and strategic alliances with a wide range of local, state and national organizations including community agencies, housing advocates, and others that partner with BMC to meet the full spectrum of patients’ needs. The goal is to foster innovative and effective new models of care that are essential for patients and communities to thrive. Integrating upstream interventions into BMC’s clinical care models are critical to achieve equity and health in the broadest sense.

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