Dr. Woodson Delivers Remarks to iHEA World Congress

Dr. Jonathan Woodson, MD, Director of the Institute for Health System Innovation and Policy, had the honor of addressing an international collection of health economists during the 12th World Congress in Health Economics: Revolutions in the Economics of Health Systems.

This 12th World Congress in Health Economics was sponsored by the International Health Economics Association (iHEA), and supported by BU’s School of Public Health, Questrom School of Business, and College of Arts & Sciences.

In his remarks, Dr. Woodson addressed the great value health economists can add to the effort of developing smart policies to transform health and healthcare and create sustainable health systems around the world in service to humanity.

Dr. Woodson emphasized the societal importance of health economics and smart policy. “Establishing economically sustainable health systems that promote, restore and optimize health is one of the most important functions of society and government and it pays dividends in producing the essential foundation for individuals, and societies to be stable, make progress and prosper.”


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