Danny Orbach

Academic Background

  • PhD Student, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass., 2009-present
  • Research Student, Department of Asian Studies, University of Tokyo, Monbusho Scholarship, 2007-09
  • BA summa cum laude, Tel Aviv University, History and East Asian Studies, 2006/li>


  • Valkyrie -– German Resistance to Hitler (Tel Aviv 2009)
  • “Manipulative Criticism -– The German Resistance to Hitler in ‘Critical’ German Scholarship,” Journal of Military History (forthcoming, September 2011)
  • “Hidat Hacoah Hademoni — Tadmiyot Yapaniyot Baraich Hashlishi — Dialog Tarbuti ve Instrumentalizatsia” (The Riddle of Demonic Power — Japanese images in the Third Reich: Cultural Dialogue and Instrumentalization), in Historia, journal of the Israeli Historical Society, vol. 22 (Autumn 2008), pp.29-73.
  • “Mitsvat ‘Lo Tirzah Be-mered Ha-Taiping: Teologia Ve-Yisuma Halacha Le-Ma’ase” (‘Thou shall not kill’ in the Taiping Rebellion: Theology and Practice), in Zmanim, Vol. 104 (Autumn 2008).
  • “Japan through SS eyes — Cultural Dialogue and Instrumentalization of a Wartime Ally” in European Studies, Vol. 7 (March 2008)
  • “Japan mit der Augen der SS gesehen” (Vorwort und deutsche Übersetzung von Harald Kleinschmidt) [Japan seen with the Eyes of the SS. Foreword and German translation by Harald Kleinschmidt] in OAG Notizen 05/2008
  • “Hazamir Vehalotus — Jalal Al Din Rumi ve-ha Buddhism” (The Nightingale and the Lotus — Jalal Al-Din Rumi and Chinese Buddhist Thought) in Jammaa, Vol. 16, 2007
  • “Fata Morgana o Re’i Akum: Historionim ve Haitnagdut Hagermanit Le Hitler” (Fata Morgana or a Crooked Mirror — Historians and the German Resistance to Hitler), in Zmanim, Summer 2005.
  • “The Israeli translation controversy — what about and where to” (with contributions by Yuval Wellis and Yuval Kfir) in Thomas Honneger (ed.), Tolkien in Translation — Text and Film (Zürich-Berne, 2004)
  • Presentation at Boston University, March 20, 2011: “The Anti-Nazi Coups That Failed, 1938 and 1944: Did They Have a Chance?”

Conference Papers

  • “The German Resistance to Hitler” in the seminar of the desk for European History, department of Area Studies, Tokyo University
  • “The Reception of the German Resistance in Israel: Hans von Dohnanyi as a Case Study”, in the panel “Aspects of the German Resistance,” German Studies Association annual conference, Washington DC, 9 October, 2004.
  • “The Israeli Translation Controversy — about the different translations of the ‘Lord of the Rings’ into Hebrew” in the annual conference of the German Tolkien Society, Bonn, August 2003.
  • “Colonialism Through the Mirror – Japan in the Eyes of the SS and the National-Conservative German Resistance,” in the international symposium “Mutual Perceptions in Japanese-German Relations: Images, Imaginings and Stereotypes,” OAG, Tokyo, Japan

Current Projects

  • “A Japanese Prophet — Eschatology and Epistemology in the Thought of Kita Ikki”
  • “Thou Shalt Kill -– The Problem of Regicide in a Comparative Perspective”
  • “‘Calculated Indifference'” -– The Soviet Union and the Plan to bomb Auschwitz”