The International History Institute (IHI) at Boston University promotes the importance of history in understanding international affairs, including cultural, economic, political, and military affairs. It supports interdisciplinary faculty research and teaching, and promotes public conversation among faculty, undergraduates and graduate students and the public through open participation in its conferences, lectures, seminars, colloquia, and film series.

The Institute draws most heavily upon its internal and external Faculty Fellows and Graduate Fellows in conducting lectures, seminars, and roundtable colloquia. It assists Fellows and students put on panels and conferences. It also hosts occasional University lectures by senior international historians and eminent ‘witnesses to history.’

The IHI is expanding outreach to undergraduate students and the general public through hosting broadly themed conferences and film series and talks about historical films. Its main interests are the big issues of the 20th century that continue to shape the modern world: the two great wars as well as efforts at peacemaking, the end of empires and the impact of decolonization, the Cold War, and the emergent globalization of world affairs.