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Limor Eger receives 2012 BU Women’s Guild award

May 13th, 2012 in Uncategorized

Limor Eger wins BU Women's Guild Award for 2012

IDS PhD student Limor Eger was selected by the Boston University Women’s Guild from well over 100 applicants for their annual Guild awards. The award recognizes and supports “remarkable women embarking on or extending a wide range of careers in scholarship, teaching, and repairing world problems“. In her PhD work, Limor is exploring the role of multi-energy measurements in X-ray tomography for baggage screening in airports. Limor’s doctoral advisors are Profs. Clem Karl and Prakash Ishwar.

Honorable mention to Limor Eger (PhD ’12) at RICC

October 26th, 2011 in Uncategorized

On October 13, 2011, Northeastern University held the 12th annual Research & Industrial Collaboration Conference (RICC). The conference was led by the ALERT, Gordon-CenSSIS, and PROTECT research centers, and was attended by members of the academic, industrial and government communities. An integral part of the RICC was the student poster presentations. Limor Eger (PhD ’12) presented a poster and received an Honorable Mention in the Best Poster competition in the Homeland Security, Defense and Secure Civil Infrastructure track. Eger’s poster, “Classification-Aware Methods for Explosives Detection Using Multi-Energy X-ray Computed Tomography”, showed some recent results obtained as part of her PhD project, which focuses on principled application of machine learning and optimization methods to the problem of detecting explosives in luggage using multi-energy CT scanners. Eger has been working on this project with her advisor, IdS Professor W. Clem Karl, and with IDS Professor Prakash Ishwar and MGH Professor Homer Pien.

Limor Eger receives a diploma from Dr. M. Slilevitch

Limor Eger receives a diploma from Dr. M. Slilevitch

20 IDS students receive MS degree

May 25th, 2011 in Uncategorized

On May 22, 2011 a total of 21 IDS students were awarded their Master of Science diplomas at the 58-th College of Engineering Commencement (an asterisk denotes a degree received from the Systems Division):

  • Azzizi, Elham (advisor: Prof. T.D.C. Little)
  • Brown, Geoffrey (advisor: Prof. J. Konrad)
  • Chau, Jimmy (advisor: Prof. T.D.C. Little)
  • Chen, Ke (advisor: Prof. D. Castañón)
  • Cole, Bryan Thomas (advisor: Prof. H. Nawab)
  • Estanjini, Reza Moazzez* (advisor: Prof. Y. Paschalidis)
  • Feng, Yao (advisor: Prof. T.D.C. Little)
  • Fu, Jiaxu (advisors: Prof. J. Konrad and Prof. M. Betke (CS))
  • Ganesan, Santosh (advisor: Prof. H. Nawab
  • Liu, Yang (advisor: Prof. T.D.C. Little)
  • Liu, Yichuan (advisor: Prof. Ch. Cassandras)
  • Shah, Rashmi (advisor: Prof. T.D.C. Little)
  • Shao, Yuecheng (advisor: Prof. J. Konrad)
  • Trapeznikov, Kirill Advisors: Prof. D. Castañón, and Prof. V. Saligrama)
  • Warke, Abhijit (advisor: Prof. D.  Castañón)
  • Wu, Haotian (advisor: Prof. V. Saligrama)
  • Wu, Hongchang
  • Xia, Wenya (advisor: Prof. T.D.C. Little)
  • Xiong, Ruosen* (advisor: Prof. Ch. Cassandras)
  • Yan, Kai (advisor: Prof. T.D.C. Little)

Congratulations to all our graduates!

14 IDS students awarded PhD degree

May 23rd, 2011 in Uncategorized

In the 2011 College of Engineering PhD hooding ceremony on May 21 a total of 69 students received their PhD degrees, 14 of them from the IDS group (an asterisk after the last name denotes a degree received from the Systems Division):

  • Yin Chen*, “From Networks to Proteins: Modeling and Optimization with Markovian Models”, Advisor Prof. Y. Paschalidis
  • Paul Debitetto, Paul, “Robust Hierarchical Image-Augmented Navigation in Urban Terrain with 3D Landmarks”, Advisor Prof. D. Castañón
  • Reza Moazzez Estanjini*, “Vehicle Scheduling and Routing for Data Transport in Wireless Sensor Networks”, Prof. Y. Paschalidis
  • Song Guo, “QOS Aware Routing with Admission Control for Video Sensor Networks”, Prof. A. Trachtenberg
  • Niloofar Fazlollahi, “Resource Management Algorithms for Advance Network Reservation and Sensor Network Monitoring Applications”, Prof. D. Starobinski
  • Rohit Kumar, “Efficient Tracking of Public Transit System in Urban Environment”, Prof. D. Castañón
  • Binbin Li*, “Optimizing Energy Consumption: From Wireless Sensor Networks to Large ‘Smart’ Buildings”, Prof. Y. Paschalidis
  • Nan Ma, “Interactive Source Coding for Function Computation in Networks”, Prof. P. Ishwar
  • Thomas John Vitolo*, “Practical Algorithms to Discover Degree Constrained Spanning Tree in Sparsely Connected Graphs”, Prof. D. Castañón
  • Ye Wang, “Information Theoretically Secure Computation and Inference in Networks”, Prof. P. Ishwar
  • Ruomin Wu*, “Maximum Lifetime Routing and Resource Allocation in Wireless Sensor Networks”, Prof. Y. Paschalidis
  • Chen Yao*, “Perturbation Analysis, Optimization and Resource Contention Games in Stochastic Hybrid Systems”, Prof. Ch. Cassandras
  • Manqi Zhao, “Role of Sparsity in High Dimensional Signal Detection and Estimation”, Prof. V. Saligrama
  • Minyi Zhong*, “Distributed Control and Optimization in Energy Limited Cooperative Systems”, Prof. Ch. Cassandras

Congratulations to all our graduates!


Karl to help steer IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging

December 2nd, 2010 in Uncategorized

Prof. W. Clem Karl has been appointed to the Steering Committee of the IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging as the representative of the IEEE Signal Processing Society. The Steering Committee is an elite group of experts from the following IEEE Societies: Engineering in Medicine and Biology, Nuclear and Plasma Sciences, Signal Processing as well as Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control, who help guide the Transactions in terms of content, review process and the overall vision.

IDS students capture awards at CenSSIS Conference

October 29th, 2010 in Uncategorized

Two Information and Data Sciences (IDS) graduate students have been awarded Best Poster Awards at the recent Bernard M. Gordon Center for Subsurface Sensing and Imaging Systems Research and Industrial Collaboration Conference. PhD candidate, Sonal Ambwani, won the award in Biomedical and Biological Track for paper entitled “5D Cardiac PET/CT Imaging: Joint Reconstruction and Cardiac and Respiratory Motion Estimation”, while Zachary Sun captured the prize in the Homeland Security and Defense Track for paper entitled “Non-Rotational tomography for Luggage Scanning using Krylov Methods”. Both students are advised by Prof. W. Clem Karl.

NU - Gordon/CenSSIS - RICC 2010NU - Gordon/CenSSIS - RICC 2010

23 IDS MS students graduate

May 18th, 2010 in Uncategorized

On May 16, 2010 a total of 23 IDS students were awarded their Master of Science diplomas at the 57-th College of Engineering Commencement.

  • Boisvert, Anne Y. (advisor: Prof. H. Nawab)
  • Brinkman, Gregory R.
  • Eger, Limor (advisor: Prof. W.C. Karl)
  • Huss, Andrew D. (advisor: Prof. D.  Castañón)
  • Li, Binbin (advisor: Prof. Y. Paschalidis)
  • Liu, Yuting (advisor: Prof. T.D.C. Little)
  • Lu, Xuanming (advisor: Prof. T.D.C. Little)
  • Martini, James (advisor: Prof. P. Ishwar)
  • Mohan, Hari S. Mohan (advisors: Prof. T.D.C. Little, and Prof. M. Betke (CS))
  • O’Malley, Alison M. (advisor: Prof. D. Castañón)
  • Ozkan, Huseyin (advisors: Prof. J. Konrad and Prof. V. Saligrama)
  • Palsson, Gunnar T. (advisor: Prof. V. Saligrama)
  • Pan, Yili (advisor: Prof. T.D.C. Little)
  • Pegors, Katherine L. (advisor: Prof. W. C. Karl)
  • Price, Gregary B. (advisor: Prof. D. Castañón)
  • Rana, Kunjan D. (advisor: Prof. V. Saligrama)
  • Shah, Kandarp J. (advisor: Prof. T.D.C. Little)
  • Shivashankar, Nagaraja (advisor: Prof. V. Saligrama)
  • Tuysuzoglu, Ahmet (advisor: Prof. W.C. Karl)
  • Wang, Yun (advisor: Prof. T.D.C. Little)
  • Williams, Richard E. (advisor: Prof. D. Castañón)
  • Wu, Huan-Yu (advisors: Prof. J. Konrad and Prof. P. Ishwar)
  • Zorn, Elena Choi Loya (advisors: Prof. J. Konrad and Prof. P. Ishwar)

Congratulations to all our graduates!


7 IDS PhD students graduate

May 18th, 2010 in Uncategorized

A traditional College of Engineering PhD hooding ceremony took place on May 15, 2010. In total, 44 students received their PhD degrees, 7 of them are from the IDS group:

  • Ashish Agarwal, “Analytical Modeling of Delay-Tolerant Data Dissemination in Vehicular Networks,” Advisor Prof. T.D.C. Little
  • Ashraf Fares Al Daoud, “On Revenue Maximization from Secondary Spectrum Use in Wireless Cellular Networks,” Advisor: Prof. M. Alanyali
  • Erhan Baki Ermis, “Activity Based Geometry Independent Features for Information Processing in Heterogeneous Camera Networks,” Advisor: Prof. V. Saligrama
  • Darin Chester Hitchings, “Stochastic Control Approaches for Sensor Management in Search and Exploitation,” Advisor: Prof. D. Castañón
  • Karen Louise Jenkins, “Fast Adaptive Sensor Management for Feature-Based Classification,” Advisor: Prof. D. Castañón
  • Huseyin Mutlu, “Spot Pricing of Secondary Access to Wireless Spectrum,” Advisor: Prof. D. Starobinski
  • Weiyao Xiao, “Reliable Data Dissemination in Dense Wireless Networks,” Advisor: Prof. D. Starobinski

Congratulations to all our graduates!


Students (from the left): Ashish, Karen, and Darin. Faculty (from the left): Ishwar, Konrad, Saligrama, and Castañón.