20 IDS students receive MS degree

On May 22, 2011 a total of 21 IDS students were awarded their Master of Science diplomas at the 58-th College of Engineering Commencement (an asterisk denotes a degree received from the Systems Division):

  • Azzizi, Elham (advisor: Prof. T.D.C. Little)
  • Brown, Geoffrey (advisor: Prof. J. Konrad)
  • Chau, Jimmy (advisor: Prof. T.D.C. Little)
  • Chen, Ke (advisor: Prof. D. Castañón)
  • Cole, Bryan Thomas (advisor: Prof. H. Nawab)
  • Estanjini, Reza Moazzez* (advisor: Prof. Y. Paschalidis)
  • Feng, Yao (advisor: Prof. T.D.C. Little)
  • Fu, Jiaxu (advisors: Prof. J. Konrad and Prof. M. Betke (CS))
  • Ganesan, Santosh (advisor: Prof. H. Nawab
  • Liu, Yang (advisor: Prof. T.D.C. Little)
  • Liu, Yichuan (advisor: Prof. Ch. Cassandras)
  • Shah, Rashmi (advisor: Prof. T.D.C. Little)
  • Shao, Yuecheng (advisor: Prof. J. Konrad)
  • Trapeznikov, Kirill Advisors: Prof. D. Castañón, and Prof. V. Saligrama)
  • Warke, Abhijit (advisor: Prof. D.  Castañón)
  • Wu, Haotian (advisor: Prof. V. Saligrama)
  • Wu, Hongchang
  • Xia, Wenya (advisor: Prof. T.D.C. Little)
  • Xiong, Ruosen* (advisor: Prof. Ch. Cassandras)
  • Yan, Kai (advisor: Prof. T.D.C. Little)

Congratulations to all our graduates!

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