14 IDS students awarded PhD degree

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May 23rd, 2011

In the 2011 College of Engineering PhD hooding ceremony on May 21 a total of 69 students received their PhD degrees, 14 of them from the IDS group (an asterisk after the last name denotes a degree received from the Systems Division):

  • Yin Chen*, “From Networks to Proteins: Modeling and Optimization with Markovian Models”, Advisor Prof. Y. Paschalidis
  • Paul Debitetto, Paul, “Robust Hierarchical Image-Augmented Navigation in Urban Terrain with 3D Landmarks”, Advisor Prof. D. Castañón
  • Reza Moazzez Estanjini*, “Vehicle Scheduling and Routing for Data Transport in Wireless Sensor Networks”, Prof. Y. Paschalidis
  • Song Guo, “QOS Aware Routing with Admission Control for Video Sensor Networks”, Prof. A. Trachtenberg
  • Niloofar Fazlollahi, “Resource Management Algorithms for Advance Network Reservation and Sensor Network Monitoring Applications”, Prof. D. Starobinski
  • Rohit Kumar, “Efficient Tracking of Public Transit System in Urban Environment”, Prof. D. Castañón
  • Binbin Li*, “Optimizing Energy Consumption: From Wireless Sensor Networks to Large ‘Smart’ Buildings”, Prof. Y. Paschalidis
  • Nan Ma, “Interactive Source Coding for Function Computation in Networks”, Prof. P. Ishwar
  • Thomas John Vitolo*, “Practical Algorithms to Discover Degree Constrained Spanning Tree in Sparsely Connected Graphs”, Prof. D. Castañón
  • Ye Wang, “Information Theoretically Secure Computation and Inference in Networks”, Prof. P. Ishwar
  • Ruomin Wu*, “Maximum Lifetime Routing and Resource Allocation in Wireless Sensor Networks”, Prof. Y. Paschalidis
  • Chen Yao*, “Perturbation Analysis, Optimization and Resource Contention Games in Stochastic Hybrid Systems”, Prof. Ch. Cassandras
  • Manqi Zhao, “Role of Sparsity in High Dimensional Signal Detection and Estimation”, Prof. V. Saligrama
  • Minyi Zhong*, “Distributed Control and Optimization in Energy Limited Cooperative Systems”, Prof. Ch. Cassandras

Congratulations to all our graduates!