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Material prepared for publication in the IJCT should conform to the following guidelines:

1. Contributions should be submitted as a MS Word (.doc) or rich-text (.rtf) document via e-mail to The length of submissions for articles or review articles must not exceed 10,000 words without previous agreement with the editors. Pages should be numbered. As for style, the basic rule is consistency within each article, review, or note with the following elements uniform throughout: quotations in other languages than that of the article, etc., itself must be given in quotation marks and italicized or underlined with a wavy line for italicization in print; bibliographic information on each item cited must be given complete only once, either at the first mention in the notes or in a final bibliography indicating author’s name (and given name[s] in full or abbbreviation), full title and subtitle without the use of abbreviations (italicized for books and monographs, in quotation marks for articles), series or journal title and volume number as applicable (only journal titles to be italicized), place and year of publication of books (mention of publisher desirable but not mandatory), only volume number and year of publication for articles, numbers of first and last pages of articles. Repeat citations must be given in a clear, consistent abbreviated form (preferably author’s last name, key words of title, and page number[s] only). Authors’ names should not be given in capital or small capital letters.

IJCT can accept submissions in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Contributions with quotations from ancient Greek should use the SP Ionic font, and under no circumstances Super Greek; contributions with quotations from other languages with non-Roman alphabets should include with their submission any font files necessary to view and reproduce the script in question. In addition to articles we welcome research reports, short notes (up to 3000 words), review articles and book reviews (both by invitation only) of relevant works in a “history of reception” perspective, and brief (up to 500 words) entries for the “News of the Field” section. Articles should include a 10-12-line summary in English to be used as an abstract.

2. Figures (photographs and line-drawings) must be in a camera-ready form accompanied by a “List of Illustrations,” indicating permission where necessary, and with a descriptive caption for each figure.

3. Submission to the IJCT implies that the work has not also been submitted elsewhere or previously published, neither in the original language nor in translation. By publication in the IJCT the copyright of all material is transferred to the publisher.

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