Institute for the Classical Tradition
ANRW II.8, pp. 908-939
Papyri Reflecting the Eastern Dynastic Network
by Richard D. Sullivan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Table of Contents

I, Introduction 908
II. Aryazate-Automa and Tigranes of Armenia 911
III. Mithradates II of Parthia 914
IV. Artavasdes I of Atropatene and the Emesenes 916
V. Polemo II of Pontus and the Judaeans 919
VI. Antiochus IV of Commagene and Cilicia 927
VII. Tiberius Julius Alexander of Alexandria 932
VIII. Marcus Julius Alexander and Berenice of Judaea 934
IX. C. Claudius Severus and King Alexander 935
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