IASS Members present at the 2010 Association for the Study of Nationalities Conference

On April 15, 2010, IASS and Boston School of Nationalism Studies members Oyeshiku Carr, Chandler Rosenberger, Oliver Benoit, Katrina Demulling, and Nikolas Prevelakis came together for the panel, “Empires of the Mind: Intellectuals, Anti-Colonialism and Nationalism in the Global South,” at the Association for the Study of Nationalities Convention at Columbia University in New York.  The panelists responded to the treatment of nationalism as the functional equivalent of anti-colonialism.  Their presentations–on nationalism in Africa, the Caribbean, and Iran–explored such questions as: Should we readily conflate anti-colonialism and nationalism? Are there forms of anti-colonialism that do not necessarily result in nationalism? What role have intellectuals played in consciously turning anti-colonial rebellion into nationalist revolution? Are there cases where anti-colonialism is driven by forces, such as religious revival, that emerge prior to nationalism? If so, how have such movements affected the course that nationalism has eventually taken?