Astrophysics Colloquia – Fall 2016

The Institute for Astrophysical Research Seminars convene every Monday with noted exceptions during the Fall and Spring semesters in room 502 of 725 Commonwealth Avenue from 3:30-4:30PM.  The seminar is preceded by a brief reception in room 500 at 3:15PM.

To see a list of previous semesters’ seminars, please visit our Past Astrophysics Colloquia page.

Date Speaker Affiliation Topic/Title
9/12/16 Julie Skinner BU IAR Understanding the Solar Neighborhood through a Triptych of Low-Mass Star Populations
9/19/16 Reshmi Mukherjee Columbia Exploring the Extreme Universe with Gamma-ray Observatories
9/26/16 Mark Vogelsberger MIT The Illustris Simulation and Beyond
Thursday 10/6/16 @ 4:00pm Will Grundy Lowell Observatory, Flagstaff, AZ Location Change: Sargent 101 (635 Comm Ave)
The Pluto system through New Horizons’ eyes: Better geology through chemistry
Tuesday 10/11/16 Jonathan Foster Legendary Entertainment (Boston) Star Formation to Making Stars: A Journey from Astronomy to Hollywood Data Science
10/17/16 Stella Kafka AAVSO (Cambridge, MA) The AAVSO Program: A Resource for Variable Star Research
10/24/16 Josh Grindlay CfA Probing Black Hole Variability on Days Century Timescales
10/31/16 Robin Ciardullo Penn State HETDEX and the Star-Forming Galaxies of the z ~ 2 Universe
11/7/16 Ori Fox STScI Supernovae and their Progenitor Systems (or lack thereof)
11/14/16 Matthew Evans MIT Gravitational Wave Detection with Advanced LIGO
11/21/16 No Seminar
11/28/16 Phil Muirhead BU IAR The Mysterious Atmospheres of Low-mass Stars, Brown Dwarfs and Cold Jovian (Exo)Planets
12/5/16 Tom Troland University of Kentucky The Role of Magnetic Fields in Star Formation – Zeeman Effect Observations and other Observables
12/12/16 Mercedes Lopez-Morales CfA Breaking Through Exoplanetary Atmospheres