News Items:

  1. Many of the invited speakers have permitted their presentations to be made available in electronic form (PPT, PDF, PS) via this web site. These files may be found via the agenda page as links to the presenters' names.
  2. We are proceeding to assemble the final version of the book of proceedings. If you have not yet sent us your electronic manuscript, please do so before October 15th!

The Institute for Astrophysical Research at Boston University hosted its fifth international scientific conference this June with the purpose of bringing together experts in the fields of Milky Way astrophysics and large area astronomical surveys.

Focus: The main aims of the conference was to elucidate a better understanding of the inner Galaxy, including the bulge, the bar, arms, and annulae and to understand the potential science made possible by recent and upcoming low Galactic latitude surveys.

This 2+ day conference featured a structured series of oral sessions (see the Agenda) as well as ample informal time for viewing contributed posters and discussions (see Events). All sessions of the meeting took place in the Conference Auditorium, Small Ballroom, and Ziskind Lounge of the George Sherman Union on the Boston University Campus (see Travel Info).

Copies of the Conference Poster may be downloaded as PDF files (Tabloid size, Letter size).

The proceedings of the conference will be published in book form (in the ASP Conference Series). Information for all authors is on this site (see Author Info). Manuscript drafts are due 15 July 2003 - see Author Info for updated deadlines and submission information.

The list of participants and the abstracts for the talks and poster presentations are on this web site (see Participants and Abstracts).

Conference housing was in the new Student Village on the Boston University campus (see the Housing page). This facility, located on the Charles River, offers spectacular views of Boston and Cambridge.

A limited amount of financial aid was awarded by NSF and NASA, primarily to support conference participation by graduate students and postdoctoral research associates and fellows (see the Financial Aid page).

Organization for this conference was by the Scientific Organizing and the Local Organizing Committees listed below.

Scientific Organizing Committee Local Organizing Committee

Tom Bania, Chair

Dan Clemens, Chair

W. Butler Burton

Tom Bania

Ed Churchwell

Tereasa Brainerd

John Dickey

Jim Jackson

Ortwin Gerhard

Lynne Deutsch

David Spergel

Kimberly Paci, Administrator

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