Second Workshop on Galactic science with the NAIC Arecibo L-Band Feed Array (GALFA)

Date: Wednesday, 18 June 2003.

Host: Institute for Astronomical Research, Boston University.

Locale: Room 522, College of Arts and Sciences Building, 725 Commonwealth Ave, Boston University Campus

Description of Workshop:

The National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center (NAIC) and the Arecibo Observatory are building a seven feed focal plane array at L-band (1225 - 1525 MHz). The scientific potential of this instrument is tremendous (see In particular, Galactic astronomers will be able to perform extremely sensitive HI, continuum and recombination line observations over a wide area of the sky.

Although ALFA will be open to individual projects, the importance of this instrument to the scientific community has led NAIC to encourage potential users to pool their knowledge and interests by forming consortia. NAIC hopes to use ALFA in a novel way by dedicating significant amounts of observing time to key projects proposed by various scientific consortia (see The power of ALFA to survey large areas of sky efficiently together with modern signal processing capability would allow commensal Galactic surveys to be made wherein several consortia are conducting their key projects simultaneously.

This second meeting of the GALFA consortium will build on the results of the first meeting which is being held at Arecibo Observatory on 21-23 March 2003 ( All current and potential consortium members are urged to attend this workshop which will continue our efforts to get the best possible Galactic science done with ALFA.

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