Author Information

The Meeting Proceedings will be published in book form by the ASP Conference Series.

All Invited Speakers and Poster Presenters are invited to submit manuscripts summarizing their presentations at the conference.

Instructions for manuscript authors are listed below.

Due Dates:

15 June 2003 - First Drafts (Manuscript Outlines) Due

15 July 2003 - Second Drafts - Full Manuscripts - Due

15 August 2003 - Final, Complete Manuscripts Due

Page Limits:

Invited Review (IR) articles may span up to 15 pages.

Invited Talk (IT) articles may span up to 7 pages.

Poster presentation articles may span up to 3 pages.

All figures, tables, and references must be embedded in the articles and count toward the page limits.

Forms of Manuscripts:

Manuscripts are to be LaTeX files prepared using the ASP style file linked below and following the instructions linked below.

LaTeX Style File for this conference

Instructions for preparing manuscripts (LaTeX, Postscript)

Submission Information:

I. Prepare the following:

Required files:

    1. One manuscript source (text) LaTeX file
    2. One encapsulated postscript (eps) file for your entire manuscript

Optional Files

  1. EPS files for your figures (one file per figure)
  2. LaTex files for your external tables (those not embedded in the manuscript; one file per table)

II. Please use the following naming conventions:

(1) manuscript source (text) files should be labeled as


Example: clemens_d.tex

Note the underscore between the principal author's last name and his/her first initial.

(2) postscript manuscript files should be in encapsulated postscript (eps) format as


Example: clemens_d_1.eps, clemens_d_2.eps

Note that figure references in your LaTeX files must also follow this convention to avoid confusion with figure files for other author papers.

(3) external tables


Example: clemens_d_table1.tex

Note that table references in your LaTeX files must also follow this convention to avoid confusion with table files for other author papers.

III. Submit your files to the meeting FTP site.

Note: Files should be submitted singly (one at a time) using one of the following listed below.

Submitting identically named files more than once will result in an error.

    1. For XTerm-based file transfer:

      login as 'anonymous'
      password is email address
      cd /uploads (the "/" is required)
      put <file>

      Example: put clemens_d.tex
      put clemens_d_1.eps
      put clemens_d_2.eps
      put clemens_d_table1.eps

    2. For web browser transfer:
      move object to this directory with mouse

For help, assistance, or questions please contact Ronak Shah (

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: My text won't fit into the limits given. Can I change the style file to reduce paragraph spacings or widen the margins?

A: No. Do not modify the style file.

Q: My manuscript has a color figure. Can these be reproduced?

A: Perhaps. We did not include color figure costs in developing the conference registration fee. So, any authors wishing to include color must bear the extra cost. This is $975 for the first color figure, $1425 for two, $1875 for three, etc.

Q: Who can help me with further questions?

A: The proceedings editors: Dan Clemens, Tereasa Brainerd, and Ronak Shah


updated 2/17/2003 (dpc)

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