Milky Way Surveys: The Structure and Evolution of Our Galaxy.  The 5th Boston University Astrophysics Conference June 15-17th, 2003
Conference Agenda
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Sunday, June 15th
1:00-5:00pm Registration Desk Open Student Village First Floor
6:00-9:00pm Opening Reception Student Village 17th Floor Lounge
Monday, June 16th
7:30-8:30am Continental Breakfast and Poster Set up Ziskind Lounge

Meeting Opening: Boston University Provost Dennis Berkey

Conference Auditorium
Session 1. HI Surveys Conference Auditorium
9:00-9:30am IR
ATNF, Australia
New HI Surveys of the Milky Way
9:40-9:55am IT
Juergen Kerp
Bonn University
A New Whole HI Sky Survey
10:05-10:20am IT
VLA Galactic Plane Survey (VGPS)
10:30-11:00am Coffee Break & Poster Viewing Ziskind Lounge
Session 2. Molecular Surveys Conference Auditorium
11:00-11:30am IR
Boston University
The Boston University-FCRAO Milky Way Galactic Ring Survey
11:40-11:55am IT
Akira Mizuno
Nagoya University
Physical properties of molecular clouds from the galactic center to the galactic warp
12:05-12:20pm IT
Tom Dame
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
A Large Extension of the 1.2-Meter Galactic CO Survey
12:30-2:00pm Buffet Lunch & Poster Viewing Ziskind Lounge
Session 3. Infrared Surveys Conference Auditorium
2:00-2:30pm IR
Robert Benjamin
Univ. Wisconsin
GLIMPSE: a SIRTF Legacy Project to Map the Inner Galaxy
2:40-2:55pm IT
AFRL, Hanscom AFB
Mid-Infrared Survey of the Galactic Plane
3:05-3:20pm IT
Martin Weinberg
University of Massachusetts
Finding the Milky Way in 2MASS
3:30-4:00pm Coffee Break & Poster Viewing Ziskind Lounge
Session 4. Continuum/Optical Surveys I: Conference Auditorium
4:00-4:30pm IR
University of Oxford, UK
Microlensing Surveys
4:40-4:55pm IT
Zeljko Ivezic
Princeton University
Reaching to the edge of the Milky Way with SDSS
5:05-5:20pm IT
University of Wisconsin
The WHAM Northern Sky Survey
5:30-7:00pm Poster Viewing / Cash Bar Ziskind Lounge
7:30-10:00pm Conference Banquet The Castle at Boston University
Tuesday, June 17th
7:30-8:30am Continental Breakfast & Poster Viewing Ziskind Lounge
Session 5. Continuum/Optical Surveys II: Conference Auditorium
8:30-9:00am IR
Galactic Emission in the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) Maps
9:10-9:25am IT
Cornell University
A New Model for the Galactic Electron Density and its Fluctuations
9:35-9:50am IT
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Radio Synchrotron Emission from the Milky Way
10:00-10:15 IT
Robert Becker
UC Davis
A Three-Configuration VLA Galactic Plane Survey at 1400 MHz
10:25-10:55am Coffee Break & Poster Viewing Ziskind Lounge
Session 6. Galactic Structure and Evolution I: Conference Auditorium
10:55-11:25am IR
IoA, Cambridge Univ.
The Bulge and halo: populations and histories
11:35-11:50am IT
Eve Ostriker
University of Maryland
Molecular Cloud Formation
12:00-12:15am IT
Steve Majewski
University of Virginia
Accretion and the Formation of the Galactic Halo
12:25-1:45pm Buffet Lunch & Poster Viewing Ziskind Lounge
Session 7. Galactic Structure and Evolution II: The Bar Conference Auditorium
2:15-2:45pm IR
Univ. Nottingham, UK
The Galactic Bar
2:55-3:10pm IT
Peter Englmaier
Astr. Inst., Univ. Basel
Large-scale Gas Dynamics in the Milky Way: Evidence for 2 Pattern Speeds
3:20-3:35pm IT
Konrad Kuijken
Sterrewacht Leiden
Kinematics in the galactic bulge/bar
3:45-4:15pm Coffee Break & Poster Viewing Ziskind Lounge
Session 8. Galactic Structure and Evolution: III Conference Auditorium
4:15-4:45pm IR
Carl Heiles
Univ. Cal. Berkeley
Physical Properties of the Galactic HI
4:55-5:25pm IR
Francesca Matteucci
Univ. Trieste, Italy
The Chemical Evolution of the Milky Way
Conference Ends