Gravitational Lensing:
Recent Progress and Future Goals

25 July - 30 July, 1999
George Sherman Union Building, Boston University

Sponsored by:
* National Science Foundation
* Boston University (Office of the Provost & Institute for Astrophysical Research)
Gravitational Lens: Galaxy Cluster Cl0024+1654
April 24, 1996
W. Colley (Princeton), E. Turner (Princeton), J. A. Tyson (Lucent Technologies), NASA
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Since IAU Symposium 173, ``Astrophysical Applications of Gravitational Lensing'', there have been significant developments in many areas of gravitational lensing research. The intent of this conference is to bring the lensing community together to discuss both the implications of recent investigations as well as further developments which are likely to occur in the near future. Due to restricted auditorium capacity, attendance will be limited.

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