BU Lowell partnership

Perkins 72" telescope

The Perkins 72″ telescope

Since August 1, 1998 Boston University and Lowell Observatory have jointly operated the 72-inch Perkins telescope. The telescope is located on Anderson Mesa, near Flagstaff, AZ. BU and Lowell Observatory astronomers share the use of the Perkins telescope equally. In addition, a total of 60 nights per year on the Perkins telescope is available to outside users through the NSF PREST program. Members of BU’s Institute for Astrophysical Research (IAR) have recently built two new instruments for use on the Perkins telescope: PRISM, which provides optical imaging, polarimetry, and spectroscopy, and Mimir, which provides near-IR imaging, polarimetry, and spectroscopy. As part of this partnership the IAR employs a telescope support scientist who is stationed in Flagstaff, AZ with an office at Lowell Observatory. The telescope support scientist has an active role in the maintenance BU instrumentation on the Perkins telescope and supports the observational programs of BU’s astronomers. In addition, the telescope support scientist represents BU’s interests to the Lowell Observatory Director and staff, and works with BU and Lowell Observatory staff to develop plans for repairs and upgrades to the telescope.