First Herald
    Newes, newes, newes.
Second Herald
    Bold, and brave news!
1 Her.
    Newe as the night they are borne in;
2 Her.
    Or the Phant’sie that begot ’hem.
1 Her.
    Excellent newes!

—Ben Jonson, Newes from the New World

Broadcasts of our Faculty

February 8, 2018

BU Center for the Humanities Director, Susan Mizruchi, spoke on this weeks of episode of East to West, a podcast by the Daily Free Press. The episode was entitled “Books are Back” and took a look at libraries, archives and education in Boston. Click here to listen.





June 13, 2017

BU Center for the Humanities Director, Susan Mizruchi, spoke at the Boston Athenaeum’s noontime lecture series on,  “Opioids:  The Literary, Experiential Point of View.”  To listen to the lecture, click here.  If Professor Mizruchi’s talk is no longer at the top of the queue, simply search for her name.



September 29, 2014


NPR’s host Rachel Martin interviewed BU Assistant Professor of Archaeology Michael Danti for the story,  “Looting Antiquities, A Fundamental Part Of ISIS’ Revenue Stream.




November 3, 2014

The Lives of Muhammad by Kecia Ali

NPR’s All Things Considered interviewed Kecia Ali, Religion Department, about her new book, The Lives of Muhammad,  published this fall by Harvard University Press.   You can listen to that program here.




September, 2014

Queen Anne Patroness of Arts by James Anderson WinnJames A. Winn speaks on Youtube about his recent publication, Queen Anne: Patroness of the Arts

On the intelligence and good taste of Queen Anne

On the importance of looking at Queen Anne through the arts

How did Queen Anne support the arts?



April 13, 2014


Lectures in Criticism: lecture by Hillary Chute
Comics as Documentary: Words, Images, and War