The BU Program of Scripture and the Arts brought the Alash Ensemble from Siberia to BU for a Tuva throat-singing workshop and concert in November 2013

2013/2014 Projects

Humanities Project Awards

Deborah Belle, Women’s Gender & Sexuality
The Women’s Liberation Movement: New Understandings and Future Prospects 2013/14

Allison Blakely, Africa American Studies
African-American Music in World Culture, conference and workshop

Alisa Bokulich, Philosophy
Conference of “Evolutionary Explanations of Morality”

Deborah Burton, Music Theory
Wagner in Context

William Carroll, English
Willing Suspension Productions

Arianne Chernock, History
Colloquium on Female Authority

Bonnie Costello, English
Digital Key Words for Modernist Studies, with Sean Latham

Bonnie Costello, English
The Landscape Listens: Women Poets and the American Experience

Claire Dempsey, American and New England Studies Program
State-wide Preservation Conference

Ricardo Elia, Archaeology
Archaeology Grad students conference

Linda Heywood, History and African American StudiesAngola, Cuba, Afro-Caribbean Culture, Race and Identity Formation

Paul Katsafanas, Philosophy
Workshop on Late Modern Philosophy

Fred Kleiner, History of Art and Architecture
Boston University Graduate Symposium in the History of Art & Architecture

T. Jefferson Kline, Romance Studies
An Evening with Maritette Monpierre

Thomas Michael, Religion
Alash Ensemble

Thomas Michael, Religion
Tertulia: Junior Faculty Research Seminar

Leland Monk, English
Lectures in Criticism

Robert Murowchick, Archaeology
East Asian Archaeology Forum–Public lecture series

Erin Murphy/Anthony Petro, English, Religion
Faculty Gender and Sexuality Studies Group

Jaemin Roh, MLCL
Guest Speaker So-Young Kim for Annual Conference of AATK in 2014

Jennifer Row, Romance Studies
Publishing in the Humanities- visiting lecturer

Charles Rzepka, English
North American Society for the Study of Romanticism conference, August 2013

James Schmidt, History
“Conversations in History” Seminar Series

Stephen Scully, Classical Studies
Graduate Student Conference of Classical Studies

Sunil Sharma/Sassan Tabatabai, MLCL
Symposium on Translating and Teaching Premodern Persian Literature

James Siemon, English
Folger Library dues and travel

James Siemon, English
Early English Paleography- workshop

Nina Silber, American and New England Studies Program
”Cultural Politics/Political Culture

Kate Snodgrass, Playwrights’ Theatre
Boston Theater Marathon XVI

Kate Snodgrass, Playwrights’ Theatre
Massachusetts Young Playwright’s Project “New Noise”

Allen Speight, Philosophy
Institute of Philosophy & Religion: ”Suffering: Contemporary Perspectives„

Meg Tyler, CGS Humanities
Poetry Reading Series

Meg Tyler, CGS Humanities
(Inaugural) Lecture Series: Institute for the Study of Irish Culture

Ann Vasaly, Classical Studies
Boston Area Roman Studies Conference

Ann Vasaly, Classical Studies
Myth and Religion in the Ancient World

William Waters, MLCL
Russian Voices

Catherine Yeh, Modern Languages and Comparative Literature
Chinese Translation Prize

Library Acquisitions

Jeffrey Henderson, Classics
Neue Pauly supplement volumes

Catherine Yeh, Modern Languages and Comparative Literature
Chinese Literature and Culture Materials

Publication Production Awards

Brooke Blower, History
The Familiar Made Strange

William Carroll, English
Spectacle, Representation and Lineage in MacBeth 4.1

Richard Deese, CGS Social Sciences
We Are Amphibians: Julian & Aldous Huxley on the Future of Our Species

Wiebke Denecke, Modern Languages and Comparative Literature
Classical World Literatures: Sino-Japanese and Greco-Roman Comparisons

Anna Henchman, English
The Starry Sky Within: Astronomy and the Reach of the Mind in Victorian Literature

Rebecca Martin, History of Art and Architecture
Zeugma as the Provenance of 12 Mosaic Fragments from Bowling Green University

Susan Mizruchi, English
Brando’s Smile

Kevin Van Anglen, English
Thoreau at Two Hundred

Chris Walsh,Writing Program

Simon Rabinovitch, History
Jewish Rights, National Rites

Samuel Z. Solomon, CFA Music
How to Write for Percussion: A Comprehensive Guide to Percussion Composition

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