Eve Sedgwick Annual Memorial Lecture: The Age of Frankenstein: Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick and the Temporality of Homophobia

2011/2012 Projects

Humanities Enhancement Project Awards

Kecia Ali, Religion
Muslim Women and the Challenge of Authority

Mary C. Beaudry, Archaeology
10th Biennial Student Archaeology Open Forum

Mary C. Beaudry, Archaeology
Contemporary and Historical Archaeology Conference

Deborah Belle and Barbara Gottfried, Womens Studies
Comedy and the New Gender Regime

Alisa Bokulich, Philosophy
Boston Colloquium for Philosophy of Science

David Bronstein, Philosophy
Boston Area Colloquium in Ancient Philosophy (BACAP)

William Carroll, English
Shakespeare Association Conference

William Carroll, English
Willing Suspension Productions

Arianne Chernock, History
“Conversations in History”  Seminars

Gina Cogan/ Keith Vincent, Religion and Modern Languages and Comparative Literature
Eve Sedgwick Memorial Lecture

Leslie Epstein, Creative Writing
Victor Golyshev- visiting lecturer

Stephen Esposito, Classical Studies
Bringing “Theater of War” to BU

Roy Grundmann, COM- Film & Television
Cinema, Opera, Art: The Passion of Werner Schroeter

Jeffrey Henderson, Classical Studies
2012 Graduate Student conference

Linda Heywood, African American Studies and History
The African Diaspora and the Abrahamic Religions

Paul Katsafanas, Philosophy
Workshop in Late Modern Philosophy

Fred Kleiner, Art History
Art History Faculty Colloquium

Laura Korobkin & Maurice Lee, English
Dartmouth Futures Institute: BU Graduate Students

Kate McNamara, Art History, BU Art Gallery
“Dancing in the Dark”: Joan Snyder Panel Discussion

Robert Micallef, MLCL
Exploring Gender Representation and Identity in the Middle East

Thomas Michael, Religion
Tertulia: Junior Faculty Research Seminar

Leland Monk & Keith Vincent, English/MLCL
Lectures in Criticism Lecture Series

Robert Murowchick, ICEAACH/Archaeology
East Asian Archaeological Forum Public Lecture Series

Stephanie Nelson, Classical Studies
Greek Music Ensemble

Suzanne O’Brien, History
Leisure and Money Across Asian and Europe

Christopher Ricks, Editorial Institute
Boston Conference of the ALSCW

Charles Rzepka, English
Literary Symposium

Loren Samons, Classical Studies
Boston Area Roman Studies Conference

Loren Samons, Classical Studies
Myth and Religion Study Group

Vivien Schmidt,  International Relations
Resilient Liberalism: European Political Economy through Boom and Bust

Bruce Schulman,  History
The Global 1970s

Sunil Sharma and Wiebke Denecke, Modern Languages and Comparative Literature
Comparative Studies of the Premodern World

Kim Sichel, AMNESP
Revisiting the Contact Zone: Postcolonial Responses to American Exceptionalism

James Siemon, English
Folger Institute —travel

Kate Snodgrass, Playwrights’ Theater
Boston Theater Marathon XIII

Kate Snodgrass, Playwrights’ Theater
Deported/ A Dream Play

Kate Snodgrass
, Playwrights’ Theater
Massachusetts Young Playwrights’ Festival

Allen Speight, Institute Philosophy & Religion
Politics, Religion and Theology

Daniel Star, Philosophy
Ethics Reading Group

Meg Tyler, Humanities
BU Poetry Reading Series

Keith Vincent & Erin Murphy, Modern Languages & Comparative Literature/English
BU Faculty Gender and Sexuality Study Group

Rosanna Warren, Modern Languages and Comparative Literature
Michael Henry Heim Translation Seminar

William Waters, Modern Languages and Comparative Literature
Rilke Society Conference

Catherine Yeh, Modern Languages & Comparative Literature
Chinese Translation Prize

Jeremy Yudkin, Music
Jazz, Criticism and American Politics

Michael Zank, Religion
Support for the Hermann Cohen Society

Michael Zell, Art History
Graduate Student Symposium in Art History

Library Acquisitions

Saul Engelbourg, Italian Studies
Italian Studies Library Expansion Project

Eugenio Menegon, History
Chinese,  Library Expansion Project

Michael Prince, English

James Siemon, English
Dues for Boston University’s membership in the Folger Institute at the Folger Shakespeare Library

Catherine Yeh, Modern Language & Comparative Literature
Chinese Language Films

Publication Production Awards

Emine Fetvaci, Art History & Architecture
Picturing History at the Ottoman Court

Irit Kleiman, Romance Studies
Memory, Betrayal, Text: Philippe de Commynes at the Edge of Modernity