The Greek Music Ensemble performed {Echoi} Echoes of the Hellenic Musical Heritage at the Tsai Performance Center, September 22, 2010

2010/2011 Projects

Humanities Enhancement Project Awards

Mary C. Beaudry, Archaeology
Contemporary and Historical Archaeology: Conference

Deborah Burton, Music
Fanciulla 100

William Carroll, English
Willing Suspension Productions

William Carroll, English
Corinne Jaber Residency

Arianne Chernock, History
Colloquium on Feminist Genealogies

Arianne Chernock, History
History Department Seminars

Robert Chodat, English
Literature & Philosophy Today: conference

Lynne Cooney, CFA- Visual Arts
CreAction: South African Art Exhibition

Daniel Dahlstrom, Philosophy
Classical Jewish Thought in Germany

Daniel Dahlstrom, Philosophy
PhilArch 2011: Philosophy – Architecture conference

Ricardo Elia, Archaeology
Context and Human Society Lecture Series

Joshua Fineburg, CFA- Music
Les Percussions de Strasbourg– performance

Herbert Golder, Classical Studies
Arion subscription campaign

Barbara Gottfried, Women’s Studies
Media Girls

Eugene Green, English
ISLE: conference

Jeffrey Henderson, Classical Studies
Graduate Student conference

Linda Heywood, African American Studies
Genealogy & Genetics: Medicine and the African American Community

Linda Heywood, African American Studies
African Americans & US Foreign Policy

Linda Heywood, African American Studies
Black Masculinity in the Media

Walther Hopp, Philosophy
Phenomenological Philosophy Workshop

Laura Korobkin & Maurice Lee, English
Dartmouth Futures Institute: BU Graduate Students

Patricia Larash, Classical Studies
Tertulia: Junior Faculty Research Seminar

Patricia Larash, Classical Studies
MACTe Meeting at BU

Eugenio Menegon, History
Leisure and Social Change Across Asia—reading group

Tom Michael, CFA- Music
Dunya Ensemble

Tom Michael, CFA- Music
Escape of Jonah: music

Susan Mizruchi, English
A Forum w/ALH editor Gordon Hutner

Leland Monk & Keith Vincent, English/MLCL
Lectures in Criticism Lecture Series

Robert Murowchick, ICEAACH/Archaeology
East Asian Archaeological Forum Public Lecture Series

Stephanie Nelson, Classical Studies
Greek Music Ensemble

Ketty Nez, CFA- Music
Chamber Opera: The Fiddler and the Old Woman of Rumelia

Adela Pineda, Romance Studies
Film Festival: Impact of the Mexican Revolution on the U.S.A.

Christopher Ricks, Editorial Institute
Legacies of Mark Twain and Leo Tolstoy

John Paul Riquelme, English
Pofessor O’Malley Presentation to Graduate Seminar

David Roochnik, Philosophy
Boston Area Colloquium for Ancient Philosophy (BACAP)

Jeffrey Rubin, History, CURA
Religion,  Social Movements, and Progressive Reform in Latin America

Charles Rzepka, English
Literary Symposium

Charles Rzepka, English
Leonard Project

Loren Samons, Classical Studies
Boston Area Roman Studies Conference

Loren Samons, Classical Studies
Myth and Religion Study Group

Peter Schwartz, Modern Languages and Comparative Literature
Talk by Sigrid Loffler: Twenty Years After

Kim Sichel, AMNESP
House and Home in American Culture- study project

James Siemon, English
Folger Institute —travel

Kate Snodgrass, Playwrights’ Theater
Boston Theater Marathon XIII

Kate Snodgrass, Playwrights’ Theater
Massachusetts Young Playwrights’ Festival

Allen Speight, Institute Philosophy & Religion
Philosophical Biography Conference

Daniel Star, Philosophy
Ethics Reading Group

Meg Tyler, Humanities
CGS Poetry Reading Series

Keith Vincent & Hiromi Miyagi-Lusthaus, Modern Languages & Comparative Literature
“Godzilla” screening and lecture

James Wiseman, Archaeological Studies
Making Field Project Archives Accessible for Research and Instructional Use

Catherine Yeh, Modern Languages & Comparative Literature
Chinese Translation Prize

Michael Zell, Art History
Graduate Student Symposium in Art History

Library Acquisitions

Saul Engelbourg, Italian Studies
Italian Studies Library Expansion Project

Stephen Esposito, Classical Studies
Purchase of the “Etymological Dictionary of Greek”

Stephen Esposito, Classical Studies
Purchase of the “Etymological Dictionary of Latin”

Deborah Kahn, Art History
Enciclopedia del Romanico en Espana

Steven Katz, Religion
Festschriften Collection

Eugenio Menegon, History
Chinese,  Library Expansion Project

Michael Prince, English

Stephen Scully & Linda Carr
Encyclopedia of the Ancient World to Mugar Memorial Library

James Siemon, English
Dues for Boston University’s membership in the Folger Institute at the Folger Shakespeare Library

Catherine Yeh, Modern Language & Comparative Literature
Chinese Language Films

Publication Production Awards

William C. Carroll, English
Love’s Labour’s Lost in Afghanistan (Shakespeare Bulletin)

Bonnie Costello, English
“Marianne Moore and the Old Master” journal article

Gene Jarrett, English
Representing the Race: A New Political History of African American Literature (New York University Press)

Diane Lobel, Religion
Quest for God and the Good (Columbia University Press)

Andrew Shenton, Music, STH
The Cambridge Companion to Arvo Pärt

Gregory Williams, Art History
Permission to Laugh: Humor and Politics in Contemporary German Art